Cynthia Morgan arrested for allegedly harassing, cyberstalking Edo Prince

The Nigeria police Force have reportedly arrested popular dancehall singer, Cynthia Morgan over alleged cyberstalking and harassment.

The ”Bubble Bup” crooner was accused of harassing the Crown Prince of the Benin Kingdom, Prince Ezelekhae Ewuare, whom she claimed to be in a relationship with, sometime ago.

A legal complaint filed on behalf of the Crown Prince and sighted on Monday, alleges that Morgan engaged in continuous harassment and cyberstalking. The complaint, filed with the Edo State Police Commissioner, calls for urgent legal action.

A video making the rounds on social media shows the moment police officers were taking her from what is believed to be a studio apartment.

The incident sparked massive reactions from Nigerians who recommended that she be taken for medical checkup as she may be having mental health issues.

Watch video:

sandywitgrace commented; D only dancehall queen Nigeria ever😢 “Nigerian full breed”Omase oo God pls come tru for her🙏🏼🙏🏼

d_odili1; I see lots of u taking sides. But if this man had sex with her and wanted to dump her, she had the right to express her feelings anyhow she feels right to do it. Sometimes some of us men promise heaven and earth and after having sex with the girl, u then feel it’s time to move onto the next person.

That’s unfair. These ladies are human being too and want some love . They have feelings too. If this prince had sex with her and she has some proof, then this isn’t cyberstalking. It’s expression of feelings which is as a result of emotional damage done to her

aisha_molly2; But this chat looks like people who have a thing. May God hell her.

like____felicity; Wow….see where she lives now, she needs help, rehabilitation and care not jail😢😢

mom_of_triplets_cooks; Instead of arresting her, take her to the hospital. She might not know what she’s doing

sabitalk1; You that never supported her music, now now you don rush post, una dey mad

rollyswiss; This is obviously a mental health issue. She should be getting help. Smh. The crown prince of Benin walks with conveys of armed police men, what harm can Cynthia Morgan possibly cause him. You’re the crown prince. Soon you will reign as king, is this how you’re going to treat your subjects ?

I hope this issue is resolved quickly and with compassion, Cynthia Morgan is clearly troubled. What does arresting her achieve?

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