Delta State Government Enforces Ban On Commercial Motorcycles To Curb Crime

The Delta State Government has reinforced a ban on commercial motorcycles, commonly known as Okada, across several key areas in the state including Asaba, the state capital, and the local government areas of Oshimili South and North, Sapele, Ika, and Uvwie.

Naija News reports that the decision was announced by the Secretary to the State Government, Dr. Kingsley Emu, during a press briefing following the state executive meeting held on Thursday in Asaba.

Dr Emu explained that the enforcement of this ban, initially established by law in 2012 but not previously implemented, aims to address various security challenges and criminal activities linked to motorcycle operations.

“The implementation of this ban is crucial for the safety and security of our people. There have been numerous reports of crimes such as rape, vandalism of public utilities including transformers and cables, and general unrest attributed to the operation of Okadas,” he stated.

The SSG emphasized that strict measures would be taken against those who defy the ban.

Violators will face arrest, and their motorcycles will be confiscated and destroyed. Additionally, offenders will be prosecuted in a mobile court specially set up to expedite legal actions related to this ban.

Dr. Emu clarified that the ban is a targeted measure for enhancing public safety and is not intended to victimize any particular group or promote division among the populace.

It specifically aims to regulate transportation modes that have been identified as contributing to law and order challenges.

He further mentioned that local authorities, particularly in the Oshimili South and North, are also taking steps to support this initiative by banning scrap metal scavengers, a move designed to complement the motorcycle ban.

Security personnel have been deployed across the affected areas to ensure full compliance with the new regulations.

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