DIY Award: Nasboi creates a new award category at the AMVCA, awards himself as the winner

Skit maker turned musician Nasboi took DIY to the next level, when he created an award category for himself, and awarded himself the winner.

The category in question is Best Music Promoter, which was non-existent until Nasboi made it possible. It’s obvious that it was a joke, as the AMVCA is not a music award show.

Being a skit maker, Nasboi is fond of making light of a lot of situations, and the AMVCA is one of them.

The category he chose is directly related to his current career path as a musician. He has released a few songs, which have been instant hits.

Undeniably one of the most consistent promoters, Nasboi constantly promotes his songs online, featuring other skit makers and celebrities alike.

In a recent interview, Nasboi declared himself as one of the best music acts in Nigeria, despite the fact that he has spent less than a year in the music industry.

On that same podcast, Nasboi berated Wizkid for calling Don Jazzy an influencer, stating that the singer used to respect Don Jazzy in the past.

In the same breath, Nasboi praised Davido for being supportive, and he sent his appreciation to him for inviting him on stage.

Nasboi isn’t the only skit maker who has gone into music, as his colleague Carter Efe also went into music. He released a hit song titled Machala, which was dedicated to his love for Wizkid.

Sydney Talker also went into music, but he took a different route, as he created his own record label, signing Khaid.

Khaid has released a few hit songs that has made him top charts. Recently, the singer was admitted to a hospital for an unknown illness.

Sydney Talker came out to ask for prayers from Nigerians regarding the singer’s health. Shortly after that, Carter Efe called him out for hiding details about Khaid’s health.

However, things seem to have gotten better, as a recent video captured Khaid sitting up in a hospital bed, while Adekunle Gold visited him.

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