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Doctor Who Season 14's Ruby Mysteries Come To A Head In The Finale, Teases Showrunner


  • The
    Doctor Who
    season 14 finale will finally unveil the answers behind the mystery of Ruby Sunday’s origin.
  • Russell T Davies promises a satisfying conclusion to the story of Ruby Sunday, played beautifully by Millie Gibson.
  • The secret from the Doctor’s past might hold the key to the truth of Ruby’s origin in the two-part special finale.

Russell T Davies reveals that answers are coming soon regarding the mystery of Ruby Sunday and more in the Doctor Who season 14 finale. Millie Gibson’s new companion joined the series in its 2023 seasonal special “The Church on Ruby Road,” where foundling Ruby finds herself swept up in the Fifteenth Doctor’s (Ncuti Gatwa) adventures. Doctor Who season 14 will conclude in a two-part special titled “The Legend of Ruby Sunday” and “Empire of Death,” where a secret from the Doctor’s past may hold answers to the truth of Ruby’s origin.

Davies unpacked season 14’s growing mysteries briefly with Doctor Who Magazine (via RadioTimes). While there are a number of mysteries currently ongoing within the series, Davies promised that the season finale will finally bring clarity, especially regarding Ruby’s origin. Check out Davies’ brief tease below:

There are an unusually high number of stories threaded through this season. With the title The Legend of Ruby Sunday, you’ve got that foundling story reaching its peak. Millie plays it beautifully. I’m delighted with the way it all dovetails.

What We Currently Know About The Mystery Of Ruby Sunday

Ruby Might Have Ties To A Big Villain

Doctor Who season 14’s ongoing mysteries were kicked off with the reveal of the “One Who Waits”, ominously teased within the final moments of the show’s 60th anniversary, right before Ruby was introduced in the subsequent seasonal special. A hooded figure left Ruby on a church’s doorstep in 2004 and was witnessed by the Doctor when he traveled back in time to save her. The memory of that moment would prove more than the Doctor expected, as its recollection caused snowflakes to manifest on the baby farm space station in “Space Babies.”

While the Doctor ruled out any potential paradox-creating trips to 2004, snowfall would once more manifest when The Doctor and Ruby faced the Maestro in EMI studios in the 1960s, and the immortal being was horrified by the power Ruby could possess. The Maestro also remarked that Ruby might hold a connection to The One Who Waits. Finally, snowfall would manifest once more during Ruby’s near-death experience on Kastarion 3.


Doctor Who’s Ruby Sunday Flashbacks & Falling Snow Explained

Millie Gibson’s Ruby Sunday became even more mysterious in Doctor Who season 14, episode 1, “Space Babies,” but more questions arose too.

The mystery of Ruby Sunday has been building slowly episode by episode across Doctor Who season 14, intertwining with other mysteries. While the Doctor and Ruby have yet to pick up on the presence of Susan Twist’s multiple appearances, Davies has already promised they will soon recognize the face more and more. As such, all questions seem to be leading to the mystery of Ruby’s origin, with the showrunner teasing an answer that may shatter both the universe, and the Doctor and Ruby’s budding bond.

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Source: Doctor Who Magazine (via RadioTimes)

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