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Dune 2: Paul's Chani Visions Perfectly Predict Dune 3


  • Paul’s visions in Dune: Part Two foreshadow events in Dune 3, highlighting themes of fate and control.
  • The choice to protect Chani over billions of lives sets up a central tension in Dune 3.
  • Paul’s struggle between personal desire and saving humanity’s future exhibits his human frailty.



Just as in the first film, Paul Atreides experiences powerful visions in Dune: Part Two that set up his story, but while both films hint at the franchise’s future, his Dune: Part Two visions are arguably even more significant for what’s to come in Dune 3. Part of what makes Dune such an intriguing story is the seemingly supernatural ability of some characters to anticipate the future. Between Bene Gesserit scheming, Fremen prophecy, and Paul’s foresight, the story has a complex relationship with fate, destiny, and control over the future. As the story progresses, these themes will only become more important.

Just as in the 2021 movie, Paul’s Dune: Part Two visions grant him incredible insight into what the future might hold. However, while his Dune: Part One hallucinations relate to the broader consequences of his interplanetary holy war, his experiences in Dune: Part Two are more significant for the specifics of Dune 3‘s story. In the film, Paul sees haunting figures dying in agony – a situation that can be averted through the use of nuclear weapons. The consequence of this choice, however, is that it will lead to Chani’s death – an outcome he cannot bear. This not only shapes Dune: Part Two‘s story, but sets up the central tension in Dune 3.



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Paul Protecting Chani Mirrors Dune Messiah’s Story

Paul’s awareness of where his decisions will lead makes him uniquely capable of shaping events to his will. As a result, Dune: Part Two makes it clear that – more than the billions of lives at stake – his priority is keeping Chani safe, even if it means mass death. This choice as it’s presented in Dune: Part Two through his visions, is a microcosm of the story that drives Dune Messiah – the book on which Dune 3 will be based.

In Messiah, Paul presides over a brutal empire from his seat in Arrakis. However, his dynasty is inherently insecure because he and Chani have had no children, leading to intense speculation over what the future may hold for the regime. The reason for this is that Irulan has been secretly feeding Chani a contraceptive to prevent her from conceiving – a scheme that Paul is aware of. However, despite the consequences, he chooses to do nothing, since he knows that Chani giving birth will lead directly to her death.

Despite his ability to see into the future, this aspect of Paul’s personality highlights the conflict between personal desire and its impact on the wider universe.

This plotline is a continuation of the theme established by Paul’s visions in Dune: Part Two. Just as he chooses to go south into the deep desert and start a holy war in order to avoid Chani’s death in a nuclear conflict, he risks instability throughout his empire in order to maintain Chani’s safety in Dune Messiah. Despite his ability to see into the future, this aspect of Paul’s personality highlights the conflict between personal desire and its impact on the wider universe.

Paul’s Chani Decision Sets Up The Major Tension In His Rule

Paul’s determination to keep Chani safe is indicative of the biggest problem in his reign. Despite having incredible prescience and an ability to shape humanity’s future as he sees fit, he is limited by human frailty. He is aware, for instance, of the existence of the so-called Golden Path – a terrifying future for the human race that involves inflicting brutal oppression on billions in order to ultimately save the entire species. Although he knows such an approach is necessary, he cannot bring himself to follow it – just as he can’t face Chani’s death.


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The idea that Paul’s humanity is a weakness is explored further in future Dune stories. In God Emperor of Dune, for instance, Paul’s son, Leto II, does abandon his humanity in order to set the species on the Golden Path, conducting a brutally oppressive regime in order to warn future generations about the dangers of following false prophets. The fact that Paul is understandably unable to follow such a course in Dune: Part Two and beyond both speaks to his character and to his ultimate frailty.

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