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Every Upcoming Marvel Movie: Full MCU Phase 5 & 6 List (& Beyond)


  • Marvel Studios has a lineup of upcoming movies that will expand the MCU Multiverse Saga in Phases 5 and 6.
  • Sony Pictures Entertainment is also expanding its live-action Spider-Man Universe, with new projects such as Kraven The Hunter and Venom: The Last Dance, which may feature appearances by Spider-Man.
  • Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman will reunite in Deadpool & Wolverine, Marvel Studios’ first R-rated project, set to release on July 26, 2024.

The mighty Marvel has several upcoming movies with confirmed release dates, and even more beyond that point. On top of the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, which will expand the Multiverse Saga in Phases 5, and 6, Sony Pictures Entertainment is also set to continue its live-action expansion of Sony’s Spider-Man Universe. Sony also have further Spider-Verse projects in the works, including Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse, Kraven The Hunter and Venom 3/

In the wake of 2019’s Avengers: Endgame, the shape of superhero storytelling on the big screen changed dramatically. Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige revealed the Multiverse Saga at SDCC 2022, and despite several delays in production, the studio’s plan regarding the MCU timeline has remained seemingly steadily on course. Following its trend of spotlighting Spider-Man villains, Sony’s Spider-Man Universe is also set to expand even further, with several new projects releasing in the coming years.



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1 Deadpool & Wolverine – July 26, 2024

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Deadpool and Wolverine Poster Showing Wade Wilson's Swords Showing Hugh Jackman's Reflection

Deadpool & Wolverine

A sequel to the highly successful Deadpool and Deadpool 2 starring Ryan Reynolds as the Merc with a Mouth. The third film will be the first film in the franchise to be developed under the Marvel Studios banner following Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox. Ryan Reynolds is returning to play the character, alongside Hugh Jackman, reprising his Wolverine role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the first time. 

Shawn Levy

Release Date
July 26, 2024

After debuting in Fox’s X-Men franchise, Ryan Reynolds was the first actor confirmed to be making the move to Marvel Studios, reprising his role of Wade Wilson in Deadpool & Wolverine, which the Deadpool 3 trailer revealed is the official name for the movie. Although originally slated for release in September, November, and then May 2024, Deadpool & Wolverine will now release on July 26, 2024, making it the only current MCU movie set to release in the year.

Deadpool 3 will bring together Reynolds and Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine in Marvel Studios’ first R-rated project, matching the tone of Fox’s Deadpool films. Several characters are expected to return from the previous films, though it’s unclear whether they’ll be permanent fixtures in the MCU going forward.

2 Venom: The Last Dance – October 25, 2024

Sony’s Spider-Man Universe

Venom Steelbook Poster

Venom: The Last Dance

Venom 3 is the third and final installment in Sony’s symbiote trilogy starring Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock. It follows the events of Let There Be Carnage, where the anti-hero fought serial killer Cletus Kasady, and Spider-Man: No Way Home, where Brock was briefly transported to the MCU through the multiverse.

Kelly Marcel

Release Date
October 25, 2024

After defeating Riot and Carnage in Venom and Venom: Let There Be Carnage, respectively, Eddie Brock and the Venom symbiote are set to return for one more feature film, with the Venom: The Last Dance release scheduled for October 25, 2024, after being changed twice – once from July 12, 2024, and then again from November 8, 2024 to its current final release date.

After being transported to the Marvel Cinematic Universe by Doctor Strange’s spell but quickly returned, it’s unclear what villain Venom will have to defeat next. It’s possible that Venom 3 will connect with other characters in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, like Morbius or Kraven the Hunter, and the film may finally feature an appearance by Spider-Man now that Venom has seen him on TV in another universe.

3 Kraven The Hunter – December 13, 2024

Sony’s Spider-Man Universe

Kraven the Hunter Poster

Kraven the Hunter

Kraven the Hunter is the fourth movie in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, set in the same Marvel continuity as Tom Hardy’s Venom and Jared Leto’s Morbius. Played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, the titular Kraven goes on a solo adventure as an anti-hero, this time independent of his comic book counterpart’s crusade to hunt down Peter Parker.

J.C. Chandor

Release Date
December 13, 2024

Expanding the universe laid out by Venom, Venom: Let There Be Carnage, and Morbius, the upcoming Kraven the Hunter movie is scheduled for release on August 30, 2024 after several bouts of rescheduling. Kraven the Hunter is the first R-rated entry in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, so is expected to feature more intense and realistic violence than Sony’s previous Marvel projects.

After the disaster of Madame Web, Sony will be hoping that Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s somewhat more grounded villain can restore faith in their annex of the Marvel movie universe. It’s also possible that the MCU’s Peter Parker, a.k.a. Spider-Man, could appear in Kraven the Hunter, though nothing has been confirmed from either Sony or Marvel Studios.

4 Captain America: Brave New World – February 14, 2025

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Captain America Brave New World Character Poster

Captain America: Brave New World

Captain America: Brave New World (formerly titled New World Order) marks Sam Wilson’s first MCU big-screen appearance as Steve Rogers’ successor after receiving the suit and shield in Phase 4’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Anthony Mackie returns as the titular Avenger alongside Danny Ramirez as Joaquin Torres, Carl Lumby as Isaiah Bradley, and Tim Blake Nelson as The Incredible Hulk’s former ally Samuel Sterns. Harrison Ford makes his MCU debut replacing the late William Hurt as Thaddeus Ross.

Release Date
February 14, 2025

Julius Onah

Captain America: Brave New World marks Anthony Mackie’s big screen debut as the MCU’s Captain America, making it one of the most important incoming Marvel movie releases. Marvel’s next Captain America movie is scheduled for release on February 14, 2025, after previously being slated for May and then July 2024 release dates.

Initially subtitled New World Order, Phase 5’s upcoming Captain America film is expected to see Sam Wilson and Joaquin Torres, the MCU’s new Falcon, go up against the Leader (last seen in The Incredible Hulk and once more played by Tim Blake Nelson) and butt heads with the new President of the United States, Thaddeus Ross. Now portrayed by Harrison Ford after the passing of the late William Hurt, Ross’ role in Brave New World will potentially set him up for further appearances in Thunderbolts and beyond.

Story details so far have revealed that Ross will ask Wilson to bring together a new Avengers team, possibly with ulterior motives. There will also be more to the super soldier story, as Carl Lumby’s Isaiah Bradley will be revealed as the victim of a mysterious mind control plot designed to assassinate the president. Merchandise has also revealed that Red Hulk will make his MCU bow.


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5 Thunderbolts* – May 2, 2025

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Thunderbolts Marvel Movie Poster by Rob Keyes


Marvel’s Thunderbolts is a superhero movie based on the comic team of the same name. The movie acts as a part of the MCU’s fifth phase of films. The film sees the likes of Bucky Barnes, Yelena Belova, Wyatt Russell, the Red Guardian, and more as an unlikely group of heroes and villains brought together to fight for good.

Jake Schreier

Release Date
May 2, 2025

In a brilliant divergence for the MCU, Thunderbolts*‘ cast will feature villains and antagonists from previous Marvel Studios projects, uniting to undertake an unknown mission for the United States’ government. With no Avengers crossover films planned until Phase 6, Thunderbolts is the only chance to see a major team form before Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, though this is expected to have a very different feel compared to the Avengers in the MCU.

Thunderbolts* releases May 2, 2025 – having swapped its July 25, 2025 release date with The Fantastic Four after being moved back from a December 2024 slot – and is expected to explain why CIA Director Valentina Allegra de Fontaine has been recruiting several morally questionable characters, and is also rumored to feature the likes of the Sentry and the Red Hulk.


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6 The Fantastic Four – July 25, 2025

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Fantastic Four 2025 Valentines Day Poster Featuring Pedro Pascal, Vanessa Kirby, Ebon Moss-Bachrach, and Joseph Quinn

The Fantastic Four (2025)

Marvel’s Fantastic Four is the first MCU movie to feature Marvel’s First Family in the same live-action universe as the Avengers. It introduces the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s version of Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Ben Grimm, and Johnny Storm, and precedes Phase 6’s Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars.

Matt Shakman

Release Date
July 25, 2025

Josh Friedman , Jeff Kaplan , Ian Springer

Pedro Pascal , Vanessa Kirby , Ebon Moss-Bachrach , Joseph Quinn , Ralph Ineson , Paul Walter Hauser , Natasha Lyonne , John Malkovich , Julia Garner

Fox made two attempts at bringing Marvel’s First Family to life on the big screen, but both the 2005 and 2015 adaptations were poorly received. After Disney’s acquisition of Fox in 2019, however, the Fantastic Four were finally revealed to be coming to the MCU on July 25, 2025 – two months after The Fantastic Four‘s prior May 2, 2025 release date, which is instead now the release date for Thunderbolts. The MCU’s Fantastic Four are set to be as big a feature as the Avengers going forward, and pivotal to the future of the MCU.

The first image of Fantastic Four revealed not only that the team would be joined by robot side-kick H.E.R.B.I.E. (Humanoid Experimental Robot, B-type, Integrated Electronics), but also a 1960s setting, suggesting the same kind of retro-futuristic vibe as The Incredibles. After that initial reveal, the Fantastic Four cast has grown with three unconfimed roles for John Malkovich, Paul Walter Hauser, and Natasha Lyonne. Meanwhile, Ralph Ineson will play Galactus, and Julia Garner will play the Silver Surfer, Shalla-Bal.


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7 Blade – November 7, 2025

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Blade MCU Poster

Blade (2025)

Marvel Studios’ Blade sees the return of the iconic vampire hunter more than two decades after Wesley Snipes first played the character in live-action. Starring Mahershala Ali as Eric Brooks, the Blade reboot officially introduces vampires to the Marvel Cinematic Universe after Eternals’ second post-credits scene teased the Daywalker’s MCU debut. Ali is accompanied by Delroy Lindo and Aaron Pierre in Yann Demange’s 2024 dark superhero movie.

Bassam Tariq

Release Date
November 7, 2025

Stacy Osei-Kuffour

Mahershala Ali , Delroy Lindo , Aaron Pierre

Blade’s production has been one of the most tumultuous in MCU history. Originally slated for a 2023 release, the loss of Blade’s original director led to massive rewrites mid-production. However, these have seemingly concluded with a new, hopefully final scheduled release date of November 7, 2025 – with the movie being most recently moved from its prior February 14, 2025 date.

The film’s several delays may seem concerning, though there is plenty of time for Marvel Studios to perfect their introduction of Mahershala Ali as the vampire hunter, and honor the 25 years of on-screen history the iconic Marvel hero has. Following a voice cameo in Eternals, Blade is expected to feature the Ebony Blade, and could potentially mark an appearance of Kit Harrington’s Dane Whitman.

8 Avengers 5 – May 1, 2026

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Avengers Kang Poster

Avengers: The Kang Dynasty

Avengers: The Kang Dynasty is the fifth Avengers film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and will bring together heroes, new and old, to face off against the omnipotent Kang the Conquerer. The Kang Dynasty will also mark the beginning of phase 6 of the MCU.

Destin Daniel Cretton

Release Date
May 1, 2026

Michael Waldron

Avengers 5 (previously titled The Kang Dynasty, which is no longer certain) is set to be the first of two Avengers films releasing in the MCU’s Phase 6, releasing on May 1, 2026, after originally being scheduled for a 2025 release. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings’ Destin Daniel Cretton was originally set to direct The Kang Dynasty, with Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania writer Jeff Loveness penning the script. Cretton left the project in November 2023, and Loki’s Michael Waldron took over scripting duties from Loveness not long after.

Although expected to feature the formation of the MCU’s New Avengers team, the movie currently has no confirmed cast members. Previously, Jonathan Majors was set to reprise his role as Kang the Conqueror in the movie, but after the MCU cut ties with Majors in December 2023, the status of the Marvel villain became far less clear, and it’s possible the film will either recast Kang or remove him from the installment entirely.


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9 Avengers: Secret Wars – May 7, 2027

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Avengers Secret Wars Logo

Avengers: Secret Wars

Avengers: Secret Wars is the sixth Avengers film and takes place during phase six of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. The film will see several heroes from the prior phases return and battle against a cosmic threat to rival Thanos, and borrows elements of the Marvel Comics event of the same name.

Release Date
May 7, 2027

Michael Waldron

Originally scheduled to conclude the MCU’s Multiverse Saga in 2025, Avengers: Secret Wars saw a delay to 2026, before finally arriving at its May 7, 2027, release date. Based on 1984 and 2015’s Secret Wars events in Marvel Comics, Avengers: Secret Wars could see an incursion threaten to destroy the world of the MCU, changing the landscape of the franchise forever.

It’s likely that most of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will join the fight, while several past Marvel characters from various franchises are also rumored to be making appearances. There is currently no attached director, though Loki head writer Michael Waldron has been tasked with penning the screenplay.


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10 Armor Wars – Release Date TBD

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Armor Wars Poster

Armor Wars

Initially conceived as a Disney+ series, Armor Wars is an MCU movie centered on Rhodey Rhodes’ mission to honor Tony Stark’s legacy and keep his Iron Man technology from wreaking havoc when they fall into the wrong hands. Starring Don Cheadle as War Machine, Marvel Studios’ Armor Wars adapts the eponymous comic book storyline to the big screen in the Multiverse Saga.

Bob Layton , David Michelinie , Yassir Lester

Originally billed as a TV series for Disney+, Armor Wars was revealed to be reworked as a feature film in September 2022, marking the first solo film for Don Cheadle’s James “Rhodey” Rhodes, a.k.a. War Machine. Though an official synopsis hasn’t been released, the story could see War Machine recovering stolen Stark tech from around the world while dealing with his own grief after Iron Man’s Avengers: Endgame death.

The series will likely feature appearances and cameos by other tech-powered heroes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and will follow Rhodey’s journey after his appearance in 2023’s Secret Invasion. Walton Goggins was rumored to reprise his role from Ant-Man & The Wasp, but that was seemingly debunked not long afterwards.

11 Spider-Man 4 & New MCU Trilogy – Release Date TBD

Marvel Cinematic Universe

MCU Spider-Man swinging through the air

  • Cast: Tom Holland
  • Director: TBD
  • Characters: Peter Parker, a.k.a. Spider-Man
  • Studio: Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures Entertainment
  • Plot Summary: TBD

Spider-Man 4 was confirmed to be in development in February 2023. Though details are likely a long way out, the movie will presumably follow Spider-Man as he rediscovers himself as a hero following Doctor Strange’s memory wipe spell in the Spider-Man: No Way Home ending.

No Way Home’s post-credits scene showed a piece of the Venom symbiote staying in the MCU after Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock was transported back to Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, so Spider-Man 4 may feature Peter’s struggle with the black symbiote suit. Peter will also likely deal with whether he should reintroduce himself to his friends and girlfriend, who no longer remember who he is.

12 Shang-Chi 2 – Release Date TBD

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Shang-Chi 2

Shang-Chi 2 is the direct sequel to Marvel Studios’ Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. It brings back Simu Liu’s titular martial arts expert after his fight with his father Xu Wenwu, now wielding the ten rings and confident in his skills as a superhero.

Destin Daniel Cretton


It was confirmed in December 2021 that a sequel to Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings would be developed at Marvel Studios. Destin Daniel Cretton was revealed to be returning to write and direct the film, by star Simu Liu. Presumably, Awkwafina’s Katy Chen will come along with him.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings left several unanswered plot threads, particularly regarding the origin of the titular rings and what the Ten Rings organization would do next under new leadership, so the sequel will likely come with answers. Shang-Chi 2 will likely also continue the first movie’s tradition of memorable fight scene choreography that mixes modern style with homages to classic wire-fighting films.

13 Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse – Release Date TBD

Part Of Sony’s Animated Spider-Verse

Beyond the Spider-Verse Movie Poster

Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse

Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse is the direct continuation of 2023’s Across the Spider-Verse, and is the third film in the Miles Morales animated Spider-Man franchise. Miles continues his interdimensional journey to change the fates of those he loves while finding his own path to become a Spider-Man.

Dave Callaham , Phil Lord , Christopher Miller

Shameik Moore

Joaquim Dos Santos , Kemp Powers , Justin K. Thompson

After achieving massive success with Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and Across the Spider-Verse, Sony’s development of another animated sequel, Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse, is very exciting. While nothing has yet been confirmed about the upcoming film, Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse is expected to mark the return of the entire main cast, as well as a slew of new Spider-People, as Miles Morales tries to save the multiverse and his own father. Sony’s animated features could be spawning a new franchise, as further spinoffs and sequels are planned following Beyond the Spider-Verse.

As it stands, however, its unclear when Spider-Man: Beyond The Spider-Verse will release, although the most likely scenario seems within a 2024-2025 time window. This movie was originally scheduled for release on March 29, 2024, but this has since been changed, suggesting that it may release far later, both due to strike complications, and in order to ensure that the third movie provides a satisfying trilogy for the popular animated series.

14 El Muerto – Release Date TBD

Part Of Sony’s Live-Action Spider-Man Universe

el muerto choking spider-man in the comics.

  • Cast: Bad Bunny
  • Director: Jonás Cuarón
  • Characters: El Muerto
  • Studio: Sony Pictures Entertainment
  • Plot Summary: TBD

Based on one of Spider-Man’s lesser-known villains, El Muerto was scheduled for release on January 12, 2024, marking the first of three proposed releases for Sony’s Spider-Man Universe in 2024. However, the movie’s release date was later removed, sparking rumors the film had been canceled altogether, though this has not yet been confirmed.

In Marvel Comics, El Muerto is a wrestler with superhuman strength, a character penned for Bad Bunny in the live-action adaptation, after the rapper had a stand-out role in 2022’s Bullet Train. While Garreth Dunnet-Alcocer was hired to write the script, Bad Bunny reported in March 2023 that the film had yet to begin production, and the filming previously set to begin in August 2023 has not been reported to have yet gotten underway even a year after Bad Bunny’s 2023 report. Bad Bunny dropped out of the project entirely a month later in September 2023.

15 Jackpot – Release Date TBD

Part Of Sony’s Live-Action Spider-Man Universe

A panel showing Jackpot and Spider-Man preparing for battle

  • Cast: TBD
  • Director: TBD
  • Characters: TBD
  • Studio: Sony Pictures Entertainment
  • Plot Summary: TBD

Jackpot was announced in 2020, with Marc Guggenheim working on the screenplay. Jackpot is a moniker used by two people in Marvel Comic. One is Sara Ehret, a scientist at an Oscorp subsidiary who has her DNA altered by a volatile virus. Not wanting to be a hero, Sara passes the mantle to Alana Jobson, who gives herself powers with the Mutant Growth Hormone. Both characters have tragic stories centered on the themes of power and responsibility, and either could make for compelling on-screen heroes.

16 Hypno-Hustler – Release Date TBD

Part Of Sony’s Live-Action Spider-Man Universe

A panel showing the Hypno Hustle in Marvel Comics

  • Cast: Donald Glover
  • Director: TBD
  • Characters: Antoine Delsoin, a.k.a. Hypno-Hustler
  • Studio: Sony Pictures Entertainment
  • Plot Summary: TBD

In December 2022, Donald Glover revealed that he would produce and star in a film set in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe. The project will focus on Hypno-Hustler, an obscure Spider-Man villain from Marvel Comics, with Eddie Murphy’s son, Myles Murphy, set to pen the script. In the comics, Hypno-Hustler controls others using his hypnotic guitar, which could be adapted in several interesting ways on the big screen. It’s unclear whether Glover’s new Marvel character will have connections to his previous portrayals of Aaron Davis in Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.

On top of these Sony projects, which have not had updates in quite some time, Amy Pascal confirmed that there will be a Spider-Woman movie coming “soon”, while a Miles Morales live-action movie is also “happening”. No firmer details have been discussed yet.

Every Upcoming Marvel Show Release Date

As well as the upcoming slate of movies, Marvel Television and Marvel Animation both have several announced Marvel TV projects, some of which have release dates. Under Marvel’s new release plan, they will apparently release 2 TV shows a year, despite three more projects lined up before the end of 2024.

  • Agatha: All Along is expected to release on September 18, 2024.
  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man is expected to release in 2024.
  • Black Panther spin-off prequel Eyes Of Wakanda is set for release in 2024.
  • Daredevil: Born Again will release in March 2025.
  • Ironheart is set to release in 2025.
  • Wonder Man has completed filming, but doesn’t yet have a release date.
  • X-Men ’97 will return for season 2.
  • What If…? season 3 is in development with no known release date.
  • Spider-Man: Sophomore Year will act as Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man’s season 2.
  • Marvel Zombies has no release date.
  • Vision Quest is still in the works with no release date.
  • A Nova series is in development with no known release date.
  • An untitled Marvel Wakanda series is in development with no known release date.

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