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Fallout Season 1 Reveals How The Show Can Bring Back A Classic Game Villain

Warning: Spoilers for Fallout season 1


  • Fallout season 2 may bring back classic villain Mr. House, hinting at more familiar characters in upcoming episodes.
  • Liberty Prime, a robot from Fallout 3, has a connection to Mr. House, suggesting a potential appearance in season 2.
  • Liberty Prime could serve as a villain in present-day storyline, bridging flashbacks to the main story of Fallout season 2.

The setup for Fallout season 2 creates a path for the show to bring back a classic villain from the video game franchise. Although the show spends most of its time developing brand-new characters in the world of Fallout, its approach to the series proves it’s not averse to using existing figures from the lore. Mr. House, a major character in Fallout: New Vegas, made a surprise cameo in Fallout season 1’s ending.

While Mr. House’s role in the series was limited, there’s a good chance season 2 will use him even more, and perhaps several other Fallout characters as well. In fact, the direction the show is taking lays the groundwork for that to happen. And with Mr. House potentially being relevant to season 2, a particular villain from the games has an opportunity to make their live-action debut.

Mr. House Has A Massive Connection To Liberty Prime

Introduced in Fallout 3, Liberty Prime was a 12-foot-tall robot powered by Cold Fusion and a character devoted to ridding Fallout’s apocalypse of communists. With his anti-communist agenda and power level, Liberty Prime served as a memorable antagonist in Fallout 3, but was ultimately destroyed. However, he was brought back for Fallout 4. There are possible decisions in the game that could lead to Liberty Prime meeting his end again, but regardless of what’s canon, Liberty Prime has a way to appear in the show via his origins; Liberty Prime was created by Rob-Co, the company owned by Mr. House.

As an apparent Easter egg to Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas included a photograph of Mr. House standing with a robot that many have long assumed is Liberty Prime. Considering that the robot was designed before the Great War by Rob-Co, it’s not impossible that there was some intersection between the two characters. Because of that, Liberty Prime could appear in a cameo in any flashbacks involving Mr. House. With the show gearing up to delve into New Vegas, flashbacks relating to its ruler (Mr. House) seem likely, thus giving the show an easy way to showcase the robot villain or tease its creation.

Fallout Season 2’s Present-Day Story Could Feature Liberty Prime As A Villain

Liberty Prime-Fallout

Though the inclusion of an action scene hinging on a 12-foot-tall robot could be a strain on the show’s budget, Liberty Prime appearing in Fallout season 2’s present-day storyline is also plausible, though the show would admittedly need a reason to bring him all the way over to the West Coast. His over-the-top personality would perfectly serve the comedic tone of the series. Plus, it could use him as a bridge between the flashbacks and the main story (if the series makes use of his connection to Rob-Co).

As for how his appearance would work in terms of the canon, a Liberty Prime arc could present some obstacles. There are scenarios in Fallout 4 that could result in Liberty Prime still being alive, but drawing on one of those would call for the series to make some big decisions about what’s canon and what’s not. One way Fallout could potentially avoid this is to reveal that Mr. House commissioned the construction of a secret, second Liberty Prime.

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