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FBI: International Season 3's Main Character Exit Teases A Perfect New Spinoff Show


  • Forrester’s departure from FBI: International sets the stage for a potential spinoff with a focus on his unresolved past and personal life.
  • A spinoff featuring Forrester on the run would offer a new dynamic outside the FBI, exploring trust, survival, and his complicated relationship with his mother.
  • The potential spinoff could delve into Angela’s mysterious background and how she and Forrester navigate a dangerous world without the constraints of the FBI.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for FBI: International season 3, episode 13.FBI: International season 3 recently said goodbye to Scott Forrester, but the door was left wide open to potentially continue the beloved character’s journey in a new spinoff. While the show is heading in a new direction in the aftermath of losing its team leader, Forrester’s arc remains incomplete. FBI: International actor Luke Kleintank walked away from the successful series to spend more time with his family. The amicable nature of Kleintank’s exit means he may be open to revisiting Forrester’s storyline at some point.

Forrester is arguably one of the most intriguing characters in the sprawling FBI universe because of the many lingering questions about his past. He regularly put his team first and didn’t follow his heart to get the closure he searched most of his life for. Thankfully, his departure ahead of FBI: International season 4 has laid the groundwork for an exciting potential spinoff if the star and producers are interested in taking the storyline further.


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Scott Forrester’s FBI: International Exit Sets Up A New U.S. Spinoff

Scott Forrester’s storyline is far from complete

Despite Luke Kleintank’s final appearance in FBI: International season 3, episode 11, his team conceded that he wouldn’t have left them behind without saying goodbye unless he was in a sticky situation. As a result, FBI: International season 3, episode 13 delved into the mystery surrounding his disappearance, taking the storyline in a different direction. Ultimately, the lack of closure for Forrester felt more like a pause than an ending. The Fly Team realized Forrester had linked up with his mother, Angela, and uncovered their plan to escape Russia to return to U.S. soil via Alaska.

The Fly Team deleted evidence of their whereabouts, allowing their former leader to embark on his personal mission without the intervention of anyone associated with the FBI. It feels notable that Forrester goes to the U.S. specifically; FBI: International films in Europe, which likely played a role in Kleintank’s decision to exit. However, with Forrester now in the U.S., a potential spinoff would likely film in the States, which Kleintank may be open to as it would keep him closer to his family.

Scott Forrester’s FBI: International Spinoff Would Be Very Different

Scott Forrester on the run would make for a change of pace

Scott Forrester (Luke Kleintank) searches for his mother, Angela Cassidy (Elizabeth Mitchell), on FBI: International

While each of the current FBI series follows different branches of the FBI, a potential Forrester-led spinoff would allow for a different tone because he’d no longer be an FBI agent. He’d have to pick and choose who he trusts, meaning he’d either always be on the move or living somewhere remote. Without solving cases of the week, his time would be spent looking over his shoulder while peeling away the many layers of his past. Forrester’s personal life had many hurdles during his tenure on the Fly Team, and the spinoff would offer the opportunity to explore them in more detail.

He could turn to former flame Jamie Kellett (Heida Reed) for assistance. Reed left at the beginning of FBI: International season 3. The character moved to Washington, D.C., which took her away from her friends and colleagues, theoretically allowing her to link back up with Forrester at some point. Their chemistry burned brightly throughout their time together, so it was surprising the show split them up given that they both left shortly after. Jamie could also lend an ear to Forrester about his continued concerns about the validity of his mother’s intel.

Current FBI universe shows

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FBI: International

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Scott Forrester’s Complicated Dynamic With His Mother Would Make A Spinoff Worthwhile

Scott is now working with his mother, Angela

Angela Cassidy (Elizabeth Mitchell) with serious expression on FBI: International

Despite having a recurring role in FBI: International season 1, Angela Cassidy (Elizabeth Mitchell) is an enigma. It is already established that she’s been on the run for years because she allegedly sold information to the Russians while working for the U.S. government. Angela has a unique set of survival skills that have allowed her to remain undetected for so long, but she’s got a lot of explaining to do. Forrester has struggled with her not being in his life and the significant effect her decisions had on his upbringing.

The best part of a spinoff would be to highlight how the mother and son can co-exist because they won’t be able to work together unless they find trust in each other. There’s far more to Angela’s story, meaning the creatives could craft a compelling way to unify her and Forrester, perhaps through a villain out to get them both. The series would be considerably different from FBI: International because there would be no code of conduct for them to follow, and they wouldn’t be able to stay in the same location too long without raising questions.

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FBI: International

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