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Fire Country Season 2 Finale Images Confirm Bode's Reunion With Original Season 1 Character


  • Freddy’s return in the
    Fire Country
    season 2 finale could offer closure for Bode and the chaotic situation.
  • The friendship between Bode and Freddy is a key thread that started in season 1.
  • The new images from the finale show Bode, Freddy, and Sharon with cake.



New images from Fire Country season 2 reveal the return of an original character. Debuting on CBS in October 2022 with the trio of Max Thieriot, Tony Phelan, and Joan Rater as creators, the story centers on Bode Donovan (Thieriot), a convict with a troubled past. After a very turbulent second installment for Bode, including Fire Country‘s loss of Cara, the hit firefighter saga is set to conclude with the wedding of Gabriela (Stephanie Arcila) and her new beau Diego (Rafael de la Fuente). This comes after Gabriela and Bode ended their relationship in the wake of the Fire Country season 1 finale.

Collider has now released photos of the upcoming Fire Country season 2 finale, which debuts on May 21, and features the return of W. Tre Davis as the recurring character Freddy Mills. Check out the photos below:

The finale is titled “I Do” and is poised to tie back to the start of the season, as Bode was in prison to protect Freddy. One of the images shows that Freddy reunites with Bode at a bar with a big cake being served to him.

Why Freddy’s Return Could Be Big For Fire Country Season 2?

Bode & Freddy’s Friendship Is Key Due To How Season 1 Ended.

Freddy’s return could be a good sign, potentially offering closure to the chaotic situation that began
Fire Country
season 2.

Davis had a heavily recurring role as Freddy in Fire Country season 1, appearing in a total of 16 episodes, starting with the premiere. An inmate, like Bode, Freddy joins the Cal Fire program, and the two work together. One of the key threads during the first season involved Freddy being wrongfully convicted. To make matters worse, Freddy’s early release is put at risk thanks to the actions of Bode’s cellmate.

The cellmate, named Sleeper (played by Grant Harvey), arrives at Three Rock — which is the camp for inmates enrolled in Cal Fire — and he begins dealing drugs. Bode takes the fall for the drug trade so that Freddy can get his early release. But as a result, Bode spends six months behind bars. This outcome also puts a strain on Bode’s relationship with Gabriela. Freddy’s return could be a good sign, potentially offering closure to the chaotic situation that began Fire Country season 2.


Fire Country Season 2 Just Revealed Why Manny Can’t Return To Three Rock

Emotions ran high at the firefighters’ ball, but Manny’s actions were inexcusable, proving once again why he shouldn’t return to Three Rock too soon.

The images highlight Bode and Tre, along with Bode’s mom Sharon (Diane Farr), enjoying some cake. But there will likely be some difficult conversations ahead when CBS premieres the season 2 finale in just a few weeks. It could likely set up Fire Country season 3, which has already been confirmed.

Fire Country
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Source: Collider

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