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Glen Powell's New Amazon Movie Is Great For Top Gun 3


  • Experience Glen Powell’s latest hit in The Blue Angels documentary, a must-watch for Top Gun fans.
  • Powell’s Navy-inspired streak continues after Maverick with movies like Devotion and The Blue Angels.
  • Watch The Blue Angels on the IMAX big screen or Amazon Prime Video for an inside look into the elite Navy flight squadron.

Glen Powell’s new movie on Amazon Prime Video is perfect to watch while waiting for Top Gun 3. Although Top Gun 3 has no official release date, the highly anticipated follow-up to Top Gun: Maverick, one of the highest-grossing movies ever made, is confirmed to be in development at Paramount. As one of Maverick’s most celebrated stars, Powell has been on a recent hot streak of popular movies. His 2023 romantic comedy with Sydney Sweeney Anyone But You became an unexpected box office hit, while his upcoming blockbuster Twisters brings the disaster franchise back to life after nearly three decades.

Powell also stars in the Richard Linklater-directed action comedy Hit Man, which has already received great reviews and will be released on Netflix on June 7, 2024. Powell has undoubtedly become one of the most desired leading men in Hollywood and is also slated to star in The Running Man, a dystopian sci-fi movie by Edgar Wright that is a remake of the 1987 original starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Following the groundbreaking success of Top Gun: Maverick, Powell continued the theme of starring in blockbusters about U.S. Navy fighter pilots with 2022’s Devotion alongside Jonathan Majors.


How The Blue Angels Completely Transformed Top Gun Into A $357M Success

A 1975 documentary about the legendary Blue Angel fighter pilots provided much of the technical framework for Top Gun before it became a massive hit.

Glen Powell’s Blue Angels Documentary Could Help Improve Top Gun 3

Powell has continued his attachment to Navy fighter pilot projects

Following Maverick’s success, Powell also started producing some of his projects, including Devotion, Hit Man, and the 2024 documentary The Blue Angels. Directed by Paul Crowder, The Blue Angels offers an updated look into the esteemed group of pilots who provided real-world inspiration for the Top Gun franchise. Powell recently spoke with Screen Rant to promote The Blue Angels documentary for its limited theatrical release in IMAX theaters. Powell commented on how his experience with Top Gun: Maverick, Devotion, and The Blue Angels has influenced his approach to Top Gun 3.

After making Top Gun and making Devotion, you really feel a sense of community in this Navy. When I look at my texts in the morning, the fact that a lot of ’em are call signs is very cool, and the fact that I still call these pilots my friends is really wonderful,” Powell shared with SR. “I will say that when we made Top Gun Maverick, that was a new shiny world for me. And now I feel that it’s still filled with brilliance. It’s still shiny to me, but it’s also a group of people I call my family. So, I can go into this movie in a different way.” At this rate, Powell could potentially take the reins from Cruise in the Top Gun franchise.


The Blue Angels True Story: 15 Coolest Facts Amazon’s Doc Leaves Out About The U.S. Navy Squadron

Amazon’s new documentary The Blue Angels showcases the U.S. Navy’s aerial demonstration team but leaves out some interesting facts about them.

The Blue Angels Is A Great Watch While Waiting For Top Gun 3

See The Blue Angels on the biggest screen possible

Hornets flying in The Blue Angels

The Blue Angels documentary is a must-watch for fans of Top Gun: Maverick. It is currently streaming exclusively on Amazon Prime Video and is still screening in some IMAX theaters in the United States as of the time of writing. The Blue Angels follows the veterans and the newest class of the famed Navy and Marine Corps flight squadron. The documentary offers a behind-the-scenes look into the rigorous training program that makes the esteemed Blue Angels some of the best in the world. Critics and casual viewers agree that the best way to see The Blue Angels is on the biggest screen possible.

Another documentary about the Blue Angels also greatly influenced how the original Top Gun was made. The 1975 documentary Threshold: The Blue Angels Experience directed by Paul Marlow acted as a large part of the inspiration behind some of the filming techniques seen throughout Top Gun. Real-life Blue Angel fighter pilots also aided in the production of Top Gun: Maverick. Former Blue Angel and Navy fighter pilot Cmdr. Frank “Walleye” Weisser was brought in to fly in for Tom Cruises for some of the riskier aerial scenes.


This Upcoming Glen Powell Movie Will Be A Must Watch While Waiting For Top Gun 3

Glen Powell was Top Gun: Maverick’s breakout star, with a surprising upcoming project giving him the chance to continue his new career trend.

Glen Powell Is Making A Lot Of Navy Movies Right Now (& It’s Great)

Powell appears to be staying fresh for Top Gun 3

Glen Powell as Hangman looks on blankly in a scene from Top Gun: Maverick.

As aforementioned, Powell has made a streak of Navy fighter pilot-inspired movies following his performance in Top Gun: Maverick. His involvement in The Blue Angels acts as another modern collaboration between Hollywood and the Navy and certainly feels like the Top Gun: Maverick and the overall Top Gun billion-dollar franchise are giving credit where it’s due. While Devotion was not as successful at the box office or critically acclaimed as Top Gun: Maverick was, it still helped to establish Powell as a face of Navy-inspired Hollywood blockbusters and is poised to enhance Top Gun 3.

The Blue Angels (2024)

Paul Crowder

Release Date
May 23, 2024

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