“He put me through emotional and mental abuse” – Harrysong’s estranged wife breaks silence, addresses his infidelity accusations

Alexer Peres, the estranged wife of Nigerian singer, Harrysong has addressed his latest accusations of infidelity.

Kemi Filani reported on Friday night that the singer had promised to tell all about his marriage to Alexer, his dispute with KCee and actress, Destiny Etiko’s plans with his wife.

Keeping to his promise, hours ago, he took to his Instagram live to reveal that he left his 10-years relationship to marry Alexer, who he claimed was cheating on him to the extent that she got pregnant for another man. He alleged that his ex-wife was the opposite of what people told him about her God-fearing personality.

He also threw a jab at his mother-in-law, claiming that she is in her 7th marriage and is rumored to be having extramarital affairs.

Addressing his claims, Alexer stated that she is open to peaceful co-parenting with Harrysong despite he put her through emotional and mental abuse. She also expressed how much she loves her kids, hence why she doesn’t want to have issues with the singer, who is their father.

“I love my kids so much and I wouldn’t want the issue I have with their father to cause a bridge in their relationship with him. Reasons why I said to my self that I just want to co-parent in peace despite the emotional and mental abuse this man put me through but I am addressing this issue because it is a crucial one, involving my mum, myself, my kids, destiny etiko and most especially “infidelity” accusations’”.

Kemi Filani reported that Harrysong’s marriage to Alexer was on the rock after a leaked chat surfaced of the singer belittling his wife and comparing her to his side chicks, who he stated were better than her.

After the news broke out, Harrysong came clean about it, as he admitted that it’s a challenging time for the couple and appealed to the public to respect their privacy and to be understandable.

Opening up on their marital crisis in an interview, Alexer revealed how the singer told her he married her out of pity. She claimed that he repeatedly cheated on her and she had treated several infections while with him because of his infidelity. Alexer further alleged that Harrysong was also assaulting her.

Sadly, in March, Alexer announced the loss of pregnancy as she expressed how heartbroken she was that her little one had to go through it.

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