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Hot Toys' The Mandalorian and The Child Action Figure Review

Inspired by The Mandalorian, Hot Toys’ stunning “The Mandalorian and the Child” 1/6th scale figure is an unmissable collectible. Played by Pedro Pascal in live-action, Din Djarin and his delightful ward Grogu have taken the world by storm – so much so they’re soon to hit the big screen in The Mandalorian & Grogu. Understandably, collectibles featuring the found-family pair are in great demand, and “The Mandalorian and the Child” from Sideshow is the ultimate example.

Hot Toys’ figures aren’t for playing with, of course. These are fantastically-detailed 1/6th scale figures for display purposes, and they look absolutely stunning. One beautiful example is “The Mandalorian and The Child,” currently retailing at $555. Sideshow has kindly made a copy exclusively available to Screen Rant for review.

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The Sculpt & Design of The Mandalorian and the Child

A Stunning Recreation Based On The Mandalorian Season 1

Hot Toys’ “The Mandalorian and the Child” is inspired by The Mandalorian season 1 (which explains why Grogu is unnamed in this set). Mandalorian armor lends itself perfectly to this kind of collectible, because it’s an opportunity for Hot Toys to create a beautiful metallic sheen across the beskar armor. Every detail is lovingly rendered, making Din Djarin’s profile immediately recognizable; the helmet is incredibly detailed, even weathered a little to give the sense it’s been worn. Even the drape of the cape is accurate.

The real surprise, though, is just how many opportunities there are for customization – including in aspects it would be so easy to overlook. Ammo, for example, is carried on the belt, strapped around the leg, or on his bandolier; every piece of ammunition can be removed. There are three thermal detonators, all of which can be removed, and Din Djarin can even hold one in his hand. This means you can easily display a version of Din who’s caught up in the heat of battle, with his ammo depleted.

Grogu, meanwhile, is absolutely phenomenal – and he really steals the show. There are two alternate head-sculpts for Grogu, rendering the beloved Baby Yoda’s face in impressive detail. Amusingly, there are actually alternate ears for Grogu as well as hands – a smart decision on Sideshow’s part. This allows collectors to simulate six different expressions for Grogu.

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The Mandalorian and The Child Are Stunningly Well-Articulated

Sideshow boasts over 30 points of articulation on the figure – and this certainly isn’t an exaggeration, even if it is unfortunately a little “sticky” and difficult to manipulate. The fabrics and the armor pieces restrict some degrees of movement, meaning you’ll be a little wary of making the most of the articulation, and the weight means it won’t always stand. Still, there’s enough give for some fantastic posing, and the stand is inconspicuous enough to allow for some creative posing.

Some models at this size have articulation in the hands, but this Hot Toys figure takes a different approach, with alternate hands instead. There are some problems with placing weapons in some of the grips, because they’re a little too tight; it’s hard to figure out how to display the Amban blaster rifle, which works best on Din Djarin’s back.

Grogu’s articulation is a little more limited; in fact, his legs can be a little too loose, feeling infirm when stretched. This isn’t really a problem, though, because the character by nature tends to only stand (or lie) in a handful of poses. Grogu can stand on his own, without need of support, helped by the slightly tougher fabric of his robe.


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An exclusive first look image of the Yoda Sixth Scale Figure by Sideshow, inspired by his appearance in animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars.


The Mandalorian and The Child Have An Incredible Range Of Accessories

Star Wars The Mandalorian Hot Toys Jetpack


Seven pieces of interchangeable gloved hands

One Amban blaster rifle with attachable scope

One blaster pistol

One dagger

One wired grappling hook

One magnetically attachable silver jetpack

One flamethrower effect accessory

One tracking fob

One beskar ingot

Specially designed dynamic figure stand with Star Wars logo and character nameplate

Grogu’s carrier, which can be attached to the base and features a removable front

Blanket for inside Grogu’s carrier

A bag to carry Grogu in at Din’s side

One necklace for Grogu

The range of accessories is phenomenally impressive. As noted, the interchangeable hands – many of which are suited to hold weapons or tracking fobs – compensate for the lack of articulation there. Several of these accessories can be carried on Din Djarin’s person, with the blaster pistol and the dagger easy to slot into their holsters. Even the blaster rifle – a stunning recreation of The Mandalorian‘s weapon – can be attached to his back via magnets. Incredibly, these magnets are actually integrated into the armor, not detracting from the accuracy of the sculpt at all.

Star Wars The Mandalorian Hot Toys Weapons

Flamethrower effects are notoriously difficult to get right with collectibles. Hot Toys take a popular route, with shaped semi-transparent plastic; it’s high enough quality to look good, although it isn’t quite perfect. It works really well in certain lighting, however, so some collectors will surely want to take advantage of this display. The grapple is apparently quite a common accessory with some Hot Toys figures, but of course works perfectly to recreate Din’s debut in The Mandalorian season 1.

There’s only one limitation in terms of the accessories; you can only have Din Djarin wearing the jetpack or the blaster rifle, there isn’t room for both. While that makes perfect sense – it’s hard to see how Din would do that in The Mandalorian, let alone in an action figure collectible – it does mean you have to choose carefully how to pose in this respect. It’s quite fun to see how the cape interacts with these two accessories, draping quite well and creating a cool silhouette.

While there are some limitations due to the figure’s size, Hot Toys’ “The Mandalorian and The Child” action figure is absolutely phenomenal. The detail is impeccable, and it looks stunning in a display cabinet. This action figure – inspired by The Mandalorian – may not be for “playing,” but it’s beautiful.

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