House Of Reps Rejects Proposal To Invite Foreign Assistance For Insecurity

The House of Representatives, during its Wednesday plenary, controversially stepped down an amendment proposing the invitation of foreign mercenaries to combat the escalating insecurity across Nigeria.

The amendment, introduced by Hon. Ahmed Jaha, argued that despite years of efforts, the national security measures were insufficient and advocated for international intervention.

Jaha, expressing deep concern over the security crisis, stated, “When bandits realized that they promote hunger than insecurity, they expanded their operations to the southeast and southwest.”

He emphasized that inviting foreign countries to aid Nigeria’s security situation is crucial to preventing further escalation and addressing the agricultural disruptions caused by ongoing insurgencies.

However, the proposal faced strong opposition from several members, including Hon. Abbas Adigun, who argued that calling for foreign intervention undermines national pride and the capabilities of Nigerian security forces.

Adigun highlighted the need for improved welfare and modern equipment for security personnel rather than foreign intervention.

“Asking another country to send us machinery is an insult as a giant of Africa,” Adigun remarked, pushing for internal solutions and leveraging the experience of retired service chiefs.

Hon. Bamidele Salam suggested an alternative approach focusing on massive investments in education and economic opportunities to address the root causes of insecurity, particularly in the poorest and least educated regions of Nigeria.

Adding to the debate, the Minority Leader, Hon. Kingsley Chinda, emphasized the importance of implementing previous House resolutions on security, which he believes effectively address the core issues.

“We have unanimously agreed in this chamber that we have a major problem which is insecurity,” Chinda said, urging immediate action to address these longstanding resolutions.

Ultimately, the House resolved that rather than inviting foreign mercenaries, the leadership should engage with the President to discuss the security situation further.

Additionally, it was resolved that the Police should receive appropriate funds to rebuild security architectures destroyed by insurgents, aiming for a fortified domestic response to the security challenges.

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