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House Of The Dragon: How Aegon Targaryen Will Be Different In Season 2 Teased By Star


  • Aegon Targaryen will have a different portrayal in
    Hosue of the Dragon
    season 2 according to Tom Glynn-Carney, exploring his vulnerabilities and power.
  • Aegon’s decisions will impact the civil war’s outcome, as he navigates newfound responsibilities.
  • Aegon’s character development in season 2 will be crucial as the Dance of the Dragons unfolds.



House of the Dragon star Tom Glynn-Carney has revealed how Aegon Targaryen is going to be different in season 2 compared to how he was portrayed in season 1. Throughout the show, the son of Viserys Targaryen and Alicent Hightower was shown to be an irresponsible, oftentimes hedonistic figure, without much care for his lineage nor responsibilities. However, following his father’s death, he becomes the King of Westeros, now a figurehead in the budding war between the Greens and the Blacks.

Speaking with Collider, Glynn-Carney hinted at how a different side of Aegon will be revealed during House of the Dragon season 2. Describing his new role as an isolating experience, the actor explained how the young king is going to get explored in greater details, including how much a threat he’ll be to Rhaenyra Targaryen in the approaching war. Check out what Glynn-Carney had to say below:

I think we see a different side… We see someone who’s attempting to take this new responsibility in stride and harness this power in a way that serves him. He’s now ruling Westeros alone.

We also see how fractured Aegon is as a person — his weaknesses, his vulnerability, his desperation… I think when, you have nothing to lose, as Aegon has experienced for a long time, that makes somebody quite dangerous.

What’s Next For Aegon In House Of The Dragon Season 2?

House of the Dragon season 1 ended with Aegon’s brother, Aemond, accidentally killing Rhaenyra’s son, Lucerys Velaryon, the catalyst that will bring about the Dance of the Dragons. Because civil war is imminent across Westeros, the young king will have to deal with his new responsibilities while also preparing his people for war. While Alicent may have a heavier hand in planning the conflict ahead, her son will still be an important figurehead with the power to do as he pleases thanks to his newfound status.

Because of the role Aegon is going to play in the upcoming conflict, the decisions he makes will determine how many wins and losses his side of Westeros will have throughout the civil war. Since he’s being thrust into the position of king relatively quickly, his ability to command everything from armies to the average person in the city will be a test as to how ready he is to wield such power. The cast of House of the Dragon season 2 is also expanding, giving him more to juggle as the story unfolds.

With the series reaching the start of the civil war, the decision to give Aegon a more fleshed-out character will help House of the Dragon season 2 stand out from the rest of the show so far. Exploring more of his motivations as the war goes on, as well as his ability to handle his newfound responsibilities, will be crucial in watching as the Dance of the Dragons develops. Since this is only the beginning of the war, it remains to be seen where his story is going to go as the show keeps evolving.

House of the Dragon
season 2 begins on HBO and Max on June 16, 2024.

Source: Collider

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