“How I stay positive in the midst of chaos” – Toke Makinwa on her spiritual journey

Toke Makinwa is tapping into her higher spiritual self, and her fans are bearing witness to her spiritual journey.

She posted a video on Instagram, and she started by saying that she has a message for someone, and then proceeded to post a scripture from the Bible.

The crux of Toke Makinwa’s message was believing in God, even when things are difficult.

She used herself as an example, saying that there was a point in her life where things were going wrong in her life, but she trusted God and pulled through.

A lot of her fans were supportive of the message, and dropped their two cents in the comment section.


okoliadaeze wrote, “I really miss watching your broadcasts! While I’m excited about your content, I have to say that your videos on YouTube are still my favorite. Your honesty and ability to share realistic life experiences make your content truly unique and relatable. You stand out from the rest because of your authenticity and willingness to share your genuine thoughts and experiences. Please keep sharing your insights I’m eagerly awaiting your next broadcast”

thesavvygirll wrote, “Let’s start with random videos like this when you feel led to. No pressure”

balogun6129 wrote, “Mama please online and we can do physical occasionally.”

stephan_ox wrote, “Amen Bring back the podcast”

opadayotemilade wrote, “Maami my mind collect money from you 00, much love ma moot”

jaypee_ chuks wrote, “Where is our baby Pod.. Bring it back abeg. After watching you on arise, I was just shouting, see how just one person is deep. Please Toke Moment is here to stay ooo.”

lagosmassagetherapist wrote, “This was quite timely for me! Thank you TM”

that _iebu_babe wrote, “It’s been a while I saw ur post on my timeline since ur perfume launch, hope you are good”

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