“I have learnt my share of lessons in life” – Reality tv star Phyna reveals as her 27th birthday looms

Former Big Brother Nigerina Phyna has taken to the X platform recently to hint at her upcoming birthday.

She expressed that she will be 27 years in 10 days. She went on to express how her years has been for her so far. She revealed that the years has been precious to her. She also further stated that she believes that each year, good or bad, has contributed a fraction into what she is today.

The actress revealed how she had learnt her own share of lessons in all her years on Earth. In her words, she had this to say,

“27 years in 10 days can be a lot of time or just the tip of an iceberg. It depends on how you want to see it. To me all these years have been precious. I feel each year, good or bad, has contributed a fraction into what I am today. I have learnt my own share of lessons in life.”

Now let’s recall that back in April of 2024, reality star Phyna has slammed Big Brother for defamation of character.

Phyna turned to the X platform to reveal that she still had a lot to say about the way Multi Choice and the Big Brother Niger franchise had defamed her character post-show. She questioned why the BBN franchise did not air the day one clip of the BBN reunion.

She also questioned them on why they decided to gang up on her during the reunion to revisit the 100 million Naira losses made from one of their products.

She hinted at the fact that there had been heavy provocation on day one which was not aired and they instead showed only her reactions on the subsequent episodes to paint a bad picture of her.

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