”I hope you have dialysis money for the future” – Actress Moyo Lawal causes a stir with her appearance in a recent video

Actress Moyo Lawal posted a video of herself, where she was driving, and talking about getting a bag.

Netizens in the comment section weren’t concerned with what she was saying, as they were more focused on her looks.


prosperous_queen wrote, “Can’t believe she’s the same person from i need to know”

vickkyveee wrote, “You posted her so your followers can bash her and talk down on her ?? Leave people if alone stop tearing her down the more she has yet to recover from that sext@pe shenanigans”

msfisheer wrote, “Not trying to sound like a troll but some of y’all need to know when to stop bleaching your skin before you vanish out of the surface of Earth”

officially___ameena wrote, “Gluta injections and is administered by people who are not professionals! I hope you lot have Dialysis money for the future? Stay white.”

emeso_azonobo wrote, “I thought we would start donating for her o”

ammietastytreats wrote, “Is something wrong with my eyes or is there a way she looks in this video?”

tiwaogundipe wrote, “This actress used to “ be so pretty. She has ruined her face and skin with iniections and bleaching cream. It is well.”

patnasom wrote, “Sorry you don’t need another bag but you need to stop this cream”

bevs_gram wrote, “Something chicken ke? “ Abi my ears dey pain me”

that_sexy_hajia wrote, “This doll contact lense is not for everyone sha.”

lani_ma wrote, “This aunty don go finish”

thecriticaltee wrote, “Why is her skin looking so thin like the upper laver has peeled off What happened to her skin”

fugar_ gal wrote, “She need to leave her face alone! she has a naturally beautiful skin, her skin is already almost at the last layer and it’s looks over used!”

princess_is_royalty1 wrote, “Her video with the blonde wig, some people argued and said that’s her natural color lol even when it’s glaring obvious that she is bleaching her skin badly. If you started watching Moyo in movies a long time ago, you would know that this isn’t her real color. But then again, it’s her business mehn.”

female_programmer wrote, “Note this is not skin cancer or anything related to skin … she did face filler slim which is called Botox and also did nose filler everybody in Lagos now is looking desame with this filler”

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