Increase in electricity tariff is daylight robbery – Kogi NLC – Daily Trust

Chairman of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) in Kogi State, Comrade Gabriel Amari, has described the increase in electricity tariff as daylight robbery which cannot stand.

Amari said this when organised labour picketed the office of Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC) in Lokoja.

He urged the government to reverse the electricity tariffs increase for the sake of already pauperised citizens.

He said the new tariff regime has created impression that the present administration has no feeling for the suffering masses.

“Increase in electricity tariffs is a broad day robbery which will not be accepted. The government should know that people are suffering with their obnoxious policies. Nigerians are paying for electricity that they are not using.

“It is under this administration that we are witnessing discrimination in the distribution of power. We can’t continue like this,”he said.

Comrade Amari added that failure of the government to reverse the increase in electricity tariffs will result to total shut down of the power sector in the country.

He added: Privatization of the electricity sector is a complete failure.  Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission, (NERC), we are saying no to discrimination in electricity distribution. We will continue to resist every form of exploitation by this government.”

According to him, Labour is the only voice that can stop the policies of government that are anti-people.

He stressed further that: “The Government promised us new minimum wage but failed to implement it. All they know how to do is to increase electricity tariffs without putting the masses into consideration.

“Nigerians are really suffering. It is high time the government listened attentively to the voices of Nigerians who are craving for an end to their bad policies”.

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