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Incredible Shin Hati Cosplay Shows Ahsoka's Villain With A Unique New Lightsaber


  • A new lightsaber for Shin Hati in
    season 2 is a logical character progression.
  • Huyang could help Shin build a new lightsaber, offering a chance for character development.
  • Different lightsabers have symbolic meanings, suggesting Shin’s potential transformation.

A fun Ahsoka cosplay not only reimagines Shin Hati but also equips her with a striking new lightsaber design. Shin and her master, Baylan Skoll, have already made a big impression with their distinct orange lightsaber color, raising questions about what this shade represents. Having gone their separate ways in the season 1 finale, Ahsoka season 2 can explore Shin in more depth as her own villain.

Instagram cosplayer crystalsofmandalore offers one possible version of Shin’s future by giving her a brand new lightsaber.

While the shot makes it difficult to tell, it looks like Shin’s new hilt may have a crossguard similar to Kylo Ren’s red lightsaber. It could also be a double-laded lightsaber with the blades coming out like a crossguard, an impractical yet intriguing design.

A New Lightsaber Makes Sense For Shin Hati In Ahsoka Season 2

New lightsaber colors and designs often represent character growth

While it’s always fun to see characters wielding a different weapon, Shin Hati receiving a new lightsaber is the next logical step for her character. A major character change for Force wielders is often accompanied by a new lightsaber: Luke Skywalker built a green lightsaber after becoming a Jedi Knight, Darth Vader wielded a red blade after becoming a Sith, and Ahsoka Tano’s white blade represents how she is neither a Jedi nor a Sith. Shin’s path has diverged from her master’s, so whether she embraces the dark side or finds redemption, a new lightsaber would help visualize her transformation.

Huyang’s role in Ahsoka provides the perfect opportunity for Sin to construct a new weapon, as he has the knowledge and materials to guide her. This would be a good way for her to bond with the droid, Ahsoka, and Sabine, as well as get in practice with her new weapon. The orange lightsaber blade would then be associated solely with Baylan, making a potential duel between him and Shin memorable. Whatever the color or design, a new lightsaber is the perfect way to advance Shin Hati‘s story when Ahsoka returns for its second season.


Ahsoka is a Sci-Fi television series based in the Star Wars universe developed by Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni. Starring Rosario Dawson, this series follows Ahsoka Tano as she works with Sabine Wren (Natasha Liu Bordizzo), her trusty droid Huyang (David Tennant), and Hera Syndulla (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) to prevent the return of the villanious Grand Admiral Thrawn. Ahsoka acts as a live-action continuation of the animated series Star Wars: Rebels.

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