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"It's What It Would Be": 9-1-1 Star Reacts To Buck's Season 7 Episode 6 Reveal

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for 9-1-1 season 7, episode 6!




  • Buck’s reveal about his relationship with Tommy was handled subtly and in a comedic way by Tim Minear, says star Kenneth Choi.
  • The reveal was a significant moment for Buck’s character development and the representation of gay relationships on TV.
  • Their widely-known relationship opens the door for new storylines in future episodes of

9-1-1 star Kenneth Choi, who portrays Chimney in the procedural series, has opened up about Buck’s season 7, episode 6 reveal, and how perfectly it was handled by series co-creator Tim Minear. The latest episode saw Buck and Tommy share a kiss while the latter was covered in soot. When the pair greet the rest of the team, soot is on Buck’s lips, silently confirming the pair are a couple. The rest of the team is congratulatory, reacting in a variety of supportive ways.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Choi explained how 9-1-1 season 7, episode 6’s Buck reveal was handled in a respectful yet comedic way. The actor explained how Minear wanted to approach the scene like a “romantic comedy,” the revelation also happening without it being that big a deal. Check out what Choi had to say about the scene below:

I think it was the brilliance of [co-creator] Tim [Minear]. Even introducing the storyline of Buck and Tommy, he said, “I don’t want it to be this very special episode of 9-1-1. I’m going to make this a f—ing romantic comedy, man. You won’t see it coming. It’ll come out of left field.” And I think that’s the same thing he did with the revelation. There’s no sit down, there’s no big discussion or talk about it. It’s what it would be. This guy has found love fina…. Well, I think love finally. And they come in and we see their facese [covered in the same soot] and at first it is shock bcause you’re like, “Oh?” but then after it’s, “Oh, oh, okay.” It just kind of makes sense, right? And I love the fact that he did it in such a subtle, subtle way. That’s the beauty of Tim Minear’s craft. He knows how to convey a story and he doesn’t clobber you over the head at it. He comes in a different way where you don’t expect it.

Why Buck’s Coming Out Was An Important Revelation

9-1-1 season 7 has prominently featured Buck wrestling with his sexuality, following the realization that he has feelings for Tommy. The pair formed a romantic bond over the course of the last few episodes, with the latest episode seemingly acting as the culmination of their relationship being realized. Now that everyone knows about the pair being together, it seems the weight of their relationship being kept secret can finally be lifted as the series progresses. It also means their feelings for one another can grow deeper in future episodes.


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The revelation about their relationship is also handled in a way that keeps it from being a big deal, despite how important Buck exploring his sexuality has been. By making their relationship just another part of the series, 9-1-1 embraces it as any other romance, a big step for gay relationships presented on commercial broadcast TV shows. The way the reveal happens also isn’t the typical coming out story, adding a new layer to the pair’s romance that teases even more light-hearted moments are ahead.

Since the duo’s relationship with one another is now widely-known with the rest of the show’s main cast, it seems like it will continue to be just one storyline of many that is continually updated throughout the series. It also means Buck struggling with his sexuality won’t be necessary in 9-1-1 season 8, opening the door for a different, broader story incorporating his love for Tommy. This revelation was both an important scene for the pair, as well as for the overarching narrative of the show as a whole.

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