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Jessica Alba's New Netflix Movie Can Rival An 89% RT Hit For 2024's Best John Wick Replacement


  • Trigger Warning has the potential to be the top action movie of 2024, rivaling Monkey Man with gritty action sequences and a vengeful plot.
  • Jessica Alba’s character, a special forces commando, is set to bring intense combat scenes reminiscent of the John Wick franchise.
  • While Alba’s film may face tough competition and high expectations, it still aims to fill the void left by the absence of new John Wick content.

Jessica Alba’s new Netflix film looks like it could be the perfect rival for an 89% Rotten Tomatoes hit in the quest to become 2024’s John Wick replacement. The actress’ upcoming movie, Trigger Warning, has a great chance of becoming this year’s John Wick alternative, but the film already has some stiff competition. With the Ballerina spinoff officially being delayed until June 2025, the John Wick franchise now has no content releasing in 2024, opening the door for other films to fill this void. This gives Trigger Warning a great chance at succeeding and becoming 2024’s top action movie.

The film will follow Jessica Alba’s Parker returning to her hometown and attempting to find the truth about her father’s sudden death. Alba’s character is a special forces commando, meaning Trigger Warning will contain plenty of action and violence as seen in the trailer. The close-quarter fight sequences and vengeful plot are reminiscent of the John Wick franchise and make Trigger Warning a suitable alternative during the action series’ hiatus. However, while Trigger Warning could emerge as one of 2024’s best action flicks, it will have to surpass a critically acclaimed smash hit with an incredible Rotten Tomatoes score.

Jessica Alba’s Trigger Warning Can Rival Monkey Man As 2024’s Best John Wick Replacement

Trigger Warning Looks Like It Will Match Monkey Man’s Gritty Action

While Monkey Man looks to be 2024’s best John Wick replacement, Trigger Warning can still rival it. The upcoming Netflix film has a similar plot to the first John Wick film, and if it can get the best out of Alba and her action skills, it has the potential to be a huge hit for the streaming platform. Alba’s film looks like it has the same dark and gritty elements that made Monkey Man so successful while offering plenty of entertaining combat sequences in the process. The simplistic premise should also help Trigger Warning avoid being overcomplicated like other action flops.

Trigger Warning
will be released on Netflix on June 21, 2024.

Monkey Man is currently leading the charge in terms of replacing John Wick, as it was constantly compared to Keanu Reeves’ franchise during the build-up to its release. Alongside its critical success, Monkey Man also made a decent box office profit, confirming that Dev Patel’s passion project was a certified hit. This will make it a lot tougher for Trigger Warning to run away as the year’s top action movie, but if it can deliver on the trailer’s potential and offer the same compelling fight scenes as Monkey Man, it stands a chance at competing.

Why Trigger Warning Is Unlikely To Beat Monkey Man’s Rotten Tomatoes Score

Monkey Man’s Stellar Reviews Make It Difficult For Any Action Film To Better It In 2024

With an 89% Tomatometer rating and an 84% audience score,
Monkey Man
is one of the top-performing action films of 2024 and this gives
Trigger Warning
a high bar to try and clear.

Even if Trigger Warning manages to receive strong reviews, it is unlikely to beat Monkey Man‘s Rotten Tomatoes score. With an 89% Tomatometer rating and an 84% audience score, Monkey Man is one of the top-performing action films of 2024 and this gives Trigger Warning a high bar to try and clear. Monkey Man‘s similarities to John Wick definitely helped the film thrive and it is clear that Dev Patel’s movie took a lot of inspiration from the franchise. This helped the movie refine its action and tell a compelling story that has led to so much success.

Trigger Warning may still perform well, but it will have to be exceptional to exceed these reviews, and Alba’s Rotten Tomatoes track record isn’t ideal for the film. There is already pressure on Trigger Warning to redeem Jessica Alba’s Killers Anonymous which has a 0% Tomatometer score, and her other action movies haven’t performed much better. While this is a slightly worrying sign for Trigger Warning, Alba’s newest film looks a lot better than some of her past failures; however, surpassing Monkey Man‘s reviews looks close to impossible, especially when considering Alba’s Rotten Tomatoes history.

Trigger Warning & Monkey Man Prove John Wick Is Still Influencing The Action Genre

John Wick’s Signature Style Seems To Have Influenced Both Trigger Warning & Monkey Man

With Trigger Warning and Monkey Man both having plenty of aspects resembling John Wick, it is clear the action series is still having a massive influence on the genre. John Wick has become the perfect example of what works for modern action movies, and Monkey Man‘s performance is proof that the gun-fu format is a winning formula when done right. Although John Wick may not be the most charismatic action hero, his combat skills and honorable motivations make him so exciting to watch, and Monkey Man‘s The Kid falls into a similar category, proving John Wick has redefined the genre.


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Although Trigger Warning is still to debut, its fight sequences and vengeful plot seem to have taken plenty of inspiration from John Wick as well, once again proving that the franchise has become pivotal to modern action films. Other movies like Nobody and Atomic Blonde also adopted the John Wick style of action as it creates a grittier and more realistic plot despite how resilient the protagonists are. Despite John Wick not having any projects in 2024, it is still inspiring this year’s action films, and Trigger Warning appears to be the latest movie trying to replicate the franchise’s success.

Trigger Warning Movie Poster Showing Jessica Alba Holding a Knife

Trigger Warning (2024)

Mouly Surya

John Brancato , Josh Olson , Halley Wegryn Gross

Jessica Alba , Mark Webber , Anthony Michael Hall , Alejandro De Hoyos , Tone Bell , Jake Weary , Gabriel Basso , Kaiwi Lyman

86 Minutes

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