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John Wick's New Spinoff Movie Can't Forget Chapter 4's Breakout Character


  • Akira, introduced in John Wick Chapter 4, should be in Caine spin-off after the post-credits reveal from Chapter 4.
  • Akira, portrayed by Rina Sawayama, offers a fresh take on vengeance in the John Wick franchise.
  • The Caine spin-off film must include Akira to showcase her potential and provide an intriguing antagonist for Caine.

The upcoming John Wick spin-off will spotlight one of John Wick: Chapter 4‘s best characters, but it can’t forget about another exciting addition that film brought to the franchise. Donnie Yen’s Caine was a compelling central threat in John Wick: Chapter 4. An old friend of John and fellow assassin, Yen was forced out of retirement to bring down John once and for all. A cool and confident fighter, Caine was one of the best characters in John Wick: Chapter 4. Caine is now set to headline a film within the franchise, highlighting how compelling he was.

However, he was far from the only engaging new face introduced in that film. In fact, one of them had very good reason to hunt after him, with the post-credits scene for the film confirming their mission to track down and kill Caine. This could easily be a key element of the upcoming Caine-led John Wick spin-off film, and would work as an interesting subversion of one of John Wick’s most consistent character traits. That’s why the Caine spin-off can’t forget about one of John Wick: Chapter 4‘s best characters.


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John Wick’s Caine Spin-off Movie Must Include Akira After Chapter 4’s Post-Credits Scene

Akira’s Quest For Revenge Should Be Central To The Caine Spin-Off

John Wick 4 Akira 5

The upcoming John Wick spin-off focusing on Caine needs to include John Wick: Chapter 4‘s Akira, especially after the way that film ended for both her and Caine. Akira Shimazu was introduced as the concierge for the Osaka Continental and the daughter of Koji, Winston’s equivalent in Osaka. Despite her misgivings over allowing the excommunicated John Wick to admission to their place of business in John Wick: Chapter 4, Akira fought alongside her father against Caine and his forces. Akira was one of the only survivors, and the post-credits scene from John Wick: Chapter 4 revealed she was hunting Caine.

The post-credits scene confirms that Akira doesn’t care about the potential danger of facing off with Caine, someone so deadly that even John Wick could barely keep up. This also sets her up as an interesting new take on the franchise’s exploration of vengeance and the violence it begets. Simply writing Akira off after the post-credits scene would feel like a waste of a compelling character, especially given how well the rest of the film established Akira in contrast to the rest of the John Wick universe.

Rina Sawayama’s Akira Was One Of John Wick 4’s Best Characters

Akira’s Skills And Personality Make Her Ideal To Drive The Franchise Forward

Akira was portrayed as a grounded and realistic figure within the world of John Wick. That’s not to say she lacks any combat skills, far from it. Her battle against Caine’s men highlighted her ability to hold her own in fights, utilizing a bow and arrow to dispatch several agents of the High Table. Rina Sawayama’s blunt performance contrasted well against characters like John Wick. She was as plain-spoken as John and straightforward with her dislike of him, which makes sense given the danger his very presence attracted.

John Wick: Chapter 4 did a good job of expanding the franchise and setting up new characters who could drive the franchise forward, such as John’s adopted sister Katia or the street-level gun-for-hire Mr. Nobody. Akira was one of the most compelling precisely because of her curt and professional veneer, which faded as her father became targeted and ultimately killed by the High Table. It set up Akira as an heir apparent to John Wick, the death of a loved one spurring her on to a likely bloody crusade against those who wronged her.


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What To Expect From Donnie Yen’s John Wick Spinoff Movie

A Caine Movie Could Easily Bring Back Akira

Donnie Yen as Caine pointing a gun in John Wick Chapter 4 image

Little is known about Donnie Yen’s John Wick Caine spin-off. John Wick: Chapter 4 ended with Caine ultimatley victorious. Despite being the one to fatally wound John, the two men made peace — especially after Caine’s assistance allowed John to kill Marquis de Gramont. Given Yen’s action experience and the general tone of the John Wick franchise, the Caine spin-off movie will likely be an action-filled thrill ride. It would be a shame if audiences didn’t get more of Akira in the process, especially given the post-credits scene for John Wick: Chapter 4.

The prospective Caine movie could be the perfect way to showcase Akira’s true potential, showcasing her outside the world of the High Table. It could make her an interesting inverse to John Wick, with her attempts to earn righteous revenge making her a dogged antagonist as opposed to John being positioned as the protagonist for wanting the same thing. It could give Caine a compelling foe to face, someone whose youth and vigor might counter his wealth of experience. The upcoming John Wick spin-off can’t forget Akira, and would do well to feature Rina Sawayama’s Akira in a major role.

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