Jubilation in the air as E-money arrests Facebook troll who alleged that he killed Junior Pope (video)

Social media is no longer a blanket that covers people’s identities, as businessman E-Money recently got a Facebook troll arrested.

The Facebook troll had alleged that E-Money had killed Junior Pope because he was sleeping with his wife.

He alleged that E-Money was helping Junior Pope’s wife with the school fees of her kids because he was sleeping with her.

This isn’t the first Facebook troll that E-Money has had to tackle over rumors that he’s sleeping with Junior Pope’s wife.

Currently, E-Money is on the prowl to find two Facebook influencers that alleged that he has been sleeping with Junior Pope’s wife all along.

One of them even alleged that E-Money was gay during her spree of accusations. E-Money has sought the help of netizens to help him and locate the two women in the video.

Junior Pope’s death has been trailed with a lot of controversies, starting from the moment he drowned in the boat accident.

At first, he was reported that he wasn’t dead, and the next minute, he was declared dead.

Zubi Michael has been under constant fire from netizens, following Junior Pope’s death. At first, the called him out for not mourning him sooner.

Angela Okorie has also been on Zubi Michael’s case, alleging that he was envious of Junior Pope’s success as an actor.

During Junior Pope’s burial, Zubi Michael was in attendance, while wearing a red shirt that later on became bothersome for netizens, as they attacked him.

Prior to Junior Pope’s burial, Very Dark Man called for an investigation of Nollywood producer Stanley, over the circumstances surrounding Junior Pope’s death.

The controversial activist also shared his regret for not replying to Junior Pope’s message. He stated that he didn’t reply because he didn’t like Nigerian celebrities because of their insincerity towards most things.

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