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Lisa Simpson Joins In On Epic Sax Meme Around 3D Recreations Of Classic Simpsons Scenes


  • A short 3D animation reimagines iconic
    The Simpsons
    scenes featuring Lisa playing the saxophone.
  • Lisa Simpson’s saxophone symbolizes the emotional connection with Homer in
    The Simpsons
    , influencing key plot points.
  • Homer’s sacrifice to buy Lisa’s saxophone showcases deep emotional moments in the long-running animated show’s history.



Lisa Simpson (Yeardley Smith) makes her way across several iconic scenes from The Simpsons‘ 35-year history in an epic 3D animation inspired by a classic viral meme. A core member of the long-running animated series cast, Lisa is the sensitive, intelligent eldest daughter of the family who found a passion for music at a young age. Alongside being a key element of her character’s introduction in the iconic opening sequence, Lisa’s saxophone has received its own dedicated episode exploring how the item represents a key emotional connection between her and her father, Homer (Dan Castellanetta).

While The Simpsons is currently airing its 35th season, Mark Cannataro Films on Instagram took a trip through some of the show’s most notable viral moments with Lisa Simpson in his short 3D animation. Check it out below:

Beginning with Lisa recreating the sax meme in the family’s living room with Homer snoozing behind her, she suddenly takes a trip across Simpsons history as she mimics the viral clip, going to season 4’s “Krusty Gets Cancelled.” From visiting the viral Steamed Hams sketch to Moe’s (Hank Azaria) self-defense breakdancing lesson, the clip brings many beloved moments together.

How Lisa’s Saxophone Is One Of The Simpsons‘ Most Important Items

Homer Bought Her The Saxophone When The Simpsons Couldn’t Afford Lisa’s Private School Tuition.

While they may not understand each other completely, Lisa’s saxophone represents one of the ways both father and daughter connect and is an emotional linchpin of many
The Simpsons

Lisa’s saxophone became a focal point of The Simpsons season 9 episode, “Lisa’s Sax,” where its sudden destruction leads to Homer telling a heartbroken Lisa how she acquired her beloved instrument. A gifted child from an early age, the family could not afford Lisa’s tuition fees to send her to a private school, so Homer uses what little money he put aside for an air conditioner to buy her the sax that will allow her to flourish creatively. When Lisa is still reeling over her instrument’s loss, Homer once more gives up a cool summer for his daughter’s happiness.


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Lisa Simpson is the bookish and socially awkward character from The Simpsons. There’s no shortage of hilarious memes that reflect her personality.

While they may not understand each other completely, Lisa’s saxophone represents one of the ways both father and daughter connect and is an emotional linchpin of many The Simpsons episodes. When he believes he will die in hours, Homer spends his remaining time with Lisa listening to her play, while the theft of her sax helps drive his hunt for the Springfield Cat Burglar. As such, few items within The Simpsons have so much emotion woven into their usage in the show, including Lisa’s saxophone.

Alongside its surprising emotional backstory and usage, Lisa’s saxophone in The Simpsons is one of her most defining traits, so, unsurprisingly, the character emerges with the popular music meme. The latest 3D animation elevates the viral meme by integrating other iconic moments that will leave viewers pinpointing all the references. As such, the short animation perfectly encapsulates some of The Simpson‘s most well-known scenes.

The Simpsons
season 35 is currently airing on FOX each Sunday, while every classic season can be found on Disney+.

Source: Mark Cannataro Films/Instagram

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