Local govt administration critical to Nigeria’s devt, Tinubu tells Yoruba group 

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has called for a more effective local government system that fosters community development and delivers the essentials of governance within a strengthened federal structure.

Speaking, when he received a delegation of the Yoruba Leaders of Thought at the State House on Friday, President Tinubu said the past 12 months had been fulfilling for his administration despite the presence of some challenges that are being addressed frontally.

He said, “It has been challenging. It has been fulfilling as well. We took over, and we have stopped the bleeding. I can say categorically now that Nigeria is no longer bleeding. And it will not bleed to death, but rather will now move to prosperity. That is the promise that I made to you all, and it is also the charge that you gave to me.

“We are managing to swim through the pond. The current is not a good one. We will turn the tide. We are turning the bend. This I assure you. I am being very careful. The worst is over for Nigeria. We will prevail.

“I thank the team who have been working really hard. All I can promise is that we will do whatever it takes. We are determined, and we will work so that all Nigerians can feel the impact of good governance.”

He assured Nigerians that his administration would ensure that they got value for every kobo spent, and that his administration would “leave a lasting legacy of prosperity to future generations, while removing the yoke of poor governance and expanding access to qualitative public goods.”

“We will get value for our money, and it is not for ourselves, but for our children. Our children will not inherit the burden of bad governance. Yet, they will enjoy the prosperity of Nigeria as a blessed nation from our very hands; from our sweat. We will bequeath to them a nation full of pride and prosperity.”

The President also called for the deepening of governance and the reinforcement of leadership across all levels of government and institutions, adding that his administration is committed to encouraging fiscal federalism and strengthening the system to enhance inclusion and equity for all Nigerians.

“Local government administration is being suffocated. People are looking at the opportunity to ensure that they survive and become more purposeful through community development programmes. What I will not support is any effort to make the local government a unitary system by handing all core responsibilities to the federal government. That is criminal when there is a federal system.

“We have a federal system. There is state and federal administration. We have two components. States must do whatever is in the best interest of their own process of administration. There is no one-size-fits-all. That is what we should do by looking at the revenue formula, and we must be consistent with federalism; fiscal federalism. Those are the things you should expect from me, not the knee-jerk reactions ahead of elections.”

While thanking the delegation of eminent Nigerians, he urged continuous support for and faith in Nigeria, assuring them that his government would live up to expectations.

In his remarks, the national secretary, Mr. Bayo Aina,  who spoke on behalf of the convener of the Yoruba Leaders of Thought, Prince Tajudeen Oluyole Olusi, commended the president for his prioritisation of investment in infrastructure across various sectors.

“We salute your timely initiative to upgrade, construct, and modernise the infrastructure of our nation in health, aviation, transportation, as well as the education sector. We commend you for your commitment to providing responsible, responsive, and accountable governance in this country,” he said.

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