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Moana 2 Trailer: Maui Returns As Moana Leads New Age Of Exploration Into Uncharted Waters


  • The
    Moana 2
    trailer reveals an epic adventure into uncharted waters with everything from a glowing whale shark and Maui’s return.
  • The new adventure in
    Moana 2
    will broaden the worldbuilding and show Moana uniting people across the ocean.
  • Dwayne Johnson and Auli’i Cravalho reprise their roles in
    Moana 2
    , promising an important and entertaining journey when it comes to theaters on November 27, 2024.

The first trailer for Moana 2 has been released, revealing what to expect for Moana and Maui’s next animated adventure. The upcoming Moana 2 was first announced by Disney in February 2024, a reworked version of a Disney+ series that had been turned into a feature film. The story follows its titular character as she travels to distant lands, facing new dangers that she’s never seen before, with Maui by her side for the adventure once again.

Now, Disney (via The Rock) has released the first trailer for Moana 2, revealing what to expect from the forthcoming animated sequel.

The trailer reveals another epic adventure featuring its titular hero, as she travels into uncharted waters to reconnect her people with their ancestors. Her quest includes her coming face-to-face with a glowing whale shark, ancient new locations, and Maui’s return. She’s also shown traveling with a group of her people, indicating how much bigger this adventure is going to be.

Everything Moana 2 Reveals About Her New Adventure

The end of Moana saw her bring peace back to the ocean by bringing Te Fiti’s heart back, something that allows her to be accepted in her village for being a wayfinder. Since the first film wrapped up its story with valuable lessons about not letting the past define the future, the new movie will likely tell a different tale with new ideas on the table. Since this adventure will take her and her people into parts unknown, there’s no telling just how wild their journey is going to be.

The visuals shown in the trailer indicate the adventure featured will help broaden the worldbuilding of the franchise, giving Moana and her people an opportunity to connect with the wider world. One scene in particular shows her playing an ancient drum with carvings on it, something that might be important to her journey to unite the peoples of the ocean. There’s also a giant, mysterious creature with multiple eyes at the end of the trailer, teasing a threat much bigger than any she’d faced in her previous journey.

Alongside Auli’i Cravalho’s return as the titular character, Dwayne Johnson is also coming back as Maui – a role he’ll later reprise for the Moana live-action remake in 2026. With the original pair back together, the journey they’re heading on promises not only to be important, but just as entertaining as their last one. With plenty of information about Moana 2 yet to be revealed, this trailer is just a taste of what to expect from the forthcoming sequel.

Moana 2
arrives in theaters on November 27, 2024.

Source: Disney (via The Rock)/YouTube

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