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My Hero Academia Rewatched By Planet of the Apes Director, And He's Got An Essential Question For Fans


  • Director Wes Ball of Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes has asked fans whether the My Hero Academia movies are worth watching.
  • Fans affirm that all three My Hero Academia movies are worth watching, according to responses.
  • Elements of the movies are canon in the manga series, showing creator Kohei Horikoshi’s approval.



The director of the upcoming movie Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes, Wes Ball, has started watching My Hero Academia, and he’s now asking fans whether any of the series’ movies are worth watching. Anime has become increasingly influential for big Hollywood movies, so it’s no surprise to see the director of a hotly anticipated movie like Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes declare his interest in the world’s most popular superhero anime.

In a post on his X account, director Wes Ball asked fans “Anyone on here fans of My Hero Academia? Been rewatching these past few days. Are the movies worth watching?” This prompted a range of responses from fans, with most affirming the quality of the movie series based on the hit anime.

Even series creator Kohei Horikoshi likes the movies so much that elements of the My Hero Academia movies are canon to the manga series.

Though opinions on which of the film trilogy are varied, all three of the movies were received positively among fans. My Hero Academia: Two Heroes, My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising, and My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission each have their strong points and hype is already building for the upcoming release of My Hero Academia movie 4, You’re Next. Even series creator Kohei Horikoshi likes the movies so much that elements of the My Hero Academia movies are canon to the manga series.

Are My Hero Academia’s Movies Worth Watching?

Though the My Hero Academia movies aren’t essential pieces of the story like Demon Slayer or Jujutsu Kaisen’s movies are, they are still fun stories that expand the world of the series in interesting ways. Series director Kenji Nagasaki returns to direct all of the movies, so the same quality fans expect from the series at large is present in all of the movies. Notably, the movies also expand on My Hero Academia’s world in interesting ways. An important plot point involving Bakugo and One for All from Heroes Rising was even recently hinted at being canon to the manga.

Unfortunately, if one thing holds the movies back, it’s their lack of availability on streaming. Two Heroes, the first My Hero Academia movie, is streaming on many platforms including Netflix, Hulu, and Crunchyroll. The other two movies are only available on Apple TV with a subscription to STARZ though.


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My Hero Academia’s final arc has proven why All Might’s Symbol of Peace ideology caused more harm than good to Hero Society.

Regardless of the My Hero Academia movies’ streaming situation though, any fan of the series owes it to themselves to watch the three films. If the praises of the commenters on Ball’s Tweet weren’t enough, there’s also the approval of movie critics themselves.

What Did Critics Think of My Hero Academia’s Movies?

Rotten Tomatoes Confirms the Movies Are Just as Solid as Fans Claim

While hardcore fans and the creator of the series himself are bound to feel some sort of affection for the My Hero Academia films, one of the best recommendations comes from professional movie critics. According to review aggregators like Rotten Tomatoes, the movies were quite well-received, with the lowest critic score among the three My Hero Academia movies being 87% for the recent World Heroes Mission.

Some of that high score may be attributed to the fewer number of critics who reviewed the movies. Two Heroes, which sits at 100% fresh, has only 8 reviews from critics while Heroes Rising and World Heroes Mission have 40 and 30 reviews respectively. Just as important as the score from critics though are the user reviews. In that respect, the movies fare just as well, with hundreds of users giving the movies glowing reviews.

Movie Title

Critic Score

Audience Score

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes



My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising



My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission



Given all this, it’s easy to see that the My Hero Academia film trilogy is worth a watch. Given that the manga series is rapidly approaching its conclusion and the My Hero Academia anime’s seventh season is about to debut its first episode, it makes sense why a director like Wes Ball would be so interested in the series. Given the positive recommendations from fans and critics, it seems like the Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes director should add the trilogy of My Hero Academia movies, alongside the upcoming You’re Next, to his watch list.

Source: Wes Ball (Via X)

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