My wife understands even if I cheat on her – Charly Boy

IN an intimate conversation with the enigmatic entertainer, Charly Boy, he shares insights into the remarkable journey of his marriage, spanning over four decades. Known for his unconventional approach to life, Charly Boy, whose real name is Charles Oputa, delves into the intricacies of his enduring relationship with his wife, Diane.
“My wife has been a very good friend,” Charly Boy reflects. “She totally understands me. Even if I make mistakes, or sleep with somebody outside, I would tell my wife,” he told Punch Newspaper.
This statement, though unconventional, sheds light on the unconventional dynamics of his marriage.
When questioned about his wife’s reaction to his affairs, Charly Boy remains candid. “All I can say is that we have a good understanding,” he explains. “Yes, I had made a couple of mistakes in the past. I am not that righteous, but I am a committed person, and I know the things not to do. Like I said, I have been there, I have done that and nothing moves me again. I have seen a lot of women in my life, and I am even tired of them.”
With four marriages under his belt, Charly Boy doesn’t shy away from admitting his past mistakes. “It was basically because I was young, immature, silly, and stupid,” he admits. “I married for all the wrong reasons. Even this present one that has lasted, I married her for the wrong reasons. That was the time I was getting into the show business scene, so I wanted a good-looking woman with a good physique. But, how long can that last?”
Reflecting on the key to his enduring marriage, Charly Boy offers a unique perspective. “Some people say that for me to have been married for 46 years, I must really love my wife,” he muses. “But, I don’t operate on the basis of how people define love, because how can you love somebody in the morning and by afternoon, you cannot even stand the person. I see love as a feeling that does not last. And, people don’t want to put in the work that will sustain a relationship.”
Despite the challenges, Charly Boy remains committed to his marriage. “Even in my marriage, we have our problems,” he admits. “Just this morning, I told her that we needed a reboot, that I did not like the way ‘this thing is going’. I know she understands love, but I don’t. But, I understand loyalty and commitment, which is hard work.”

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