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New Halle Berry Horror Movie Is The Perfect Replacement For Netflix's Bird Box 6 Years Later


  • Halle Berry’s new horror film resembles Bird Box in setting and narrative.
  • Never Let Go introduces a unique theme of perception, leaving viewers questioning the existence of monsters outside the main characters’ home.
  • The upcoming film also seems similar to It Comes At Night, suggesting a deeper exploration of psychological tension in a post-apocalyptic world.

A new Halle Berry horror film could be the perfect Bird Box replacement 6 years after the Sandra Bullock movie’s release on Netflix. Based on Josh Malerman’s novel of the same name, Bird Box was not exactly a hit among critics when it first premiered on Netflix and still holds an average Rotten Tomatoes score of 65%. However, despite receiving a mixed reception from viewers and critics, the movie became the most-watched film on Netflix within the first four weeks of its release.

Six years after its release, Bird Box has been dethroned by Don’t Look Up and Red Notice on Netflix’s list of most-viewed films. However, the fact that it still ranks in the streamer’s top 5 films proves its enduring appeal and viewers’ strong appetite for gripping post-apocalyptic films. To fulfill this appetite for similar movies, a Halle Berry horror is about to hit the big screens. From the looks of it, it seems similar to Netflix’s Bird Box in more ways than one.


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Halle Berry’s Never Let Go Looks Eerily Similar To Netflix’s Bird Box

Never Let Go And Bird Box Adopt Similar Settings & Narrative Devices

Never Let Go‘s trailer suggests it has a lot in common with Netflix’s Bird Box. Just as Sandra Bullock’s character has to protect herself and her children in a post-apocalyptic world in Bird Box, Halle Berry’s Never Let Go character has to keep herself and her children safe from an evil force that lurks outside her home. In both films, the monsters in the outside world have an air of ambiguity to them, and the characters in both resort to a strict set of rules to survive.

While the characters in Bird Box must keep blindfolds on to avoid being harmed by the sight of the central alien creatures, Never Let Go‘s characters have to tie themselves with ropes to avoid being pulled away from the safety of their home. The central mother figures in both movies also have two children and are seemingly willing to go to extreme lengths to ensure their kids’ survival. However, despite all these similarities between the two thriller movies, Never Let Go seems to differ from Bird Box in one significant way.


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Never Let Go Has One Big Theme Bird Box Didn’t

One Never Let Go Theme Makes It Similar To Another Post-Apocalyptic Film

Halle Berry's character staring at the ground in Never Let Go

Although Bird Box never truly reveals its monsters, it makes it evident that they actually exist. Owing to this, the stakes in the film are driven by the constant and palpable fear of creatures who weaponize one’s ability to see. Never Let Go, in contrast, seems to play with a viewer’s sense of perception. The film’s trailer makes one doubt whether Halle Berry’s character is honest about the threat in the outside world or whether the monsters around her house genuinely exist. This seemingly makes Never Let Go more like A24’s 2017 post-apocalyptic horror movie, It Comes At Night.

Never Let Go
is scheduled to be released on 27 September 2024.

In It Comes At Night, two families end up in the same house to avoid a grim threat gradually destroying the world outside. However, even though they initially try to maintain trust and cooperation, paranoia creeps in and brews a conflict between the two groups. Given how psychological tension between the families adds another layer of intrigue to It Comes At Night’s otherwise typical post-apocalyptic setup, it would be interesting to see how Never Let Go will achieve something similar with its familiar yet mildly ambiguous ideas and rise above the overused tropes used in Bird Box.

Both installments of

Bird Box

are available for streaming on Netflix.

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