Pokimane Addresses Myna Snacks Pricing Controversy, Expresses Pain Over Community Backlash

Twitch star Imane “Pokimane” Anys recently addressed the controversy surrounding the launch of her Myna Snacks’ Midnight Cookies. During an appearance on the Just Trish Podcast hosted by YouTuber Trisha Paytas, she opened up about the backlash she faced and how it affected her.

The controversy began in November 2023 when Myna Snacks introduced their Midnight Cookies, which were priced at $28 for four bags. This high price point drew criticism from the community, with many accusing Pokimane of overcharging. Addressing these concerns, Pokimane explained that as a startup, her company was not profiting from the sales:

“We sold them for $28 for four bags. The reason we did that was because we are a startup and even at that price point, I wanna be very clear, we were not making money. As a startup, you don’t expect money for years. You’re just hoping you are building something cool enough that maybe it will pay off in 10 years.”

Pokimane expressed how deeply the backlash hurt her, especially given her longstanding efforts to maintain a positive reputation in the industry. She shared her feelings on the podcast, stating:

“When people were coming at me for that, I’m not gonna lie, I think it hurt so much. I’ve built such a reputation, I’ve been in this career and industry for so long (that) I had so many opportunities to do cash grabs and I never ever did that. That’s something I hold very close to my heart.”

She further emphasized her commitment to her audience, explaining that she has always been careful about the products she promotes:

“I try to be very considerate of my audience. Never promote things that I’m unsure of or don’t know where the money is coming from. So to have people assassinate my character like that, I do think it hurt quite a bit.”

Regarding the pricing issue, Pokimane clarified that the initial high price was necessary due to startup costs and logistical challenges, particularly with shipping:

“The price point was one of them and that was just because we were starting and if we sold them at any other price point, the shipping would have not made sense. It would’ve been so bad but now that we are a little bit further along, we can sell them per bag through Amazon, through other retailers.”

Pokimane’s candid discussion on the podcast sheds light on the difficulties faced by startups and the personal toll that public criticism can take, even on well-established creators. Her transparency about the challenges of launching a new business and the impact of community feedback highlights the complex relationship between influencers and their audiences.

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