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Rebecca Ferguson's Next Movie Continues Her Best Career Trend


  • Rebecca Ferguson continues to shine in sci-fi with upcoming film “Mercy” as she solidifies her status as a compelling science fiction star.
  • With “Mercy” set for release in 2025, Ferguson’s diverse roles in sci-fi pave the way for another hit that may match her recent success.
  • Although “Mercy” may not surpass the success of Dune, it promises to continue Ferguson’s exciting sci-fi streak with high critical and box office performance.



Rebecca Ferguson‘s recent movies and shows have created an incredible trend, and from the looks of it, her upcoming film is going to continue this exciting streak. Born in Stockholm, Rebecca Ferguson started her acting career with a soap opera, Nya tider, in the early aughts. Although it took her a while to find her feet as an actress and land bigger movie roles, she gained wide recognition for portraying Elizabeth Woodville in BBC’s The White Queen. In a few years, she became a part of Mission: Impossible‘s roster, paving the way for her to land more mainstream movie and television roles.

Although Rebecca Ferguson’s Mission: Impossible journey seems to have ended, the actress is still on a roll and has been earning immense acclaim for her portrayal of diverse characters in movie franchises like Dune and book adaptations like Silo. Like most actors, Rebecca Ferguson, too, has experienced a fair share of highs and lows during her career and has also embraced roles in different genres. However, her recent movie and television choices have maintained an intriguing trend. Interestingly, this trend is not stopping anytime soon.


Rebecca Ferguson May Need Dune 3 AND 4 To Guarantee Breaking A Major Box Office Record

Dune’s box office numbers have been nothing but impressive but Rebecca Ferguson will likely need Dune 3 and 4 to break a major box office record.

Mercy Will Continue Rebecca Ferguson’s Sci-Fi Trend

Rebecca Ferguson Will Continue To Reign Supreme As Sci-Fi’s Queen

In recent years, Rebecca Ferguson has become somewhat of a sci-fi staple after starring in highly acclaimed movie and television franchises like Silo and Dune. Before audiences started recognizing her as Dune‘s Lady Jessica and Silo‘s Juliette Nichols, she was also a part of other sci-fi films like Life and Reminiscence. These films may not have been as acclaimed as Silo and Dune, but they effectively paved the way for the actress’ recent success in the genre. Given how Rebecca Ferguson’s upcoming movie, Mercy, also falls under the sci-fi genre, it will continue her trend of solidifying her reputation as a compelling science fiction star.

Rebecca Ferguson Sci-Fi Movie/Show

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Dune: Part Two


What Is Mercy About?

Mercy Is A Futuristic Detective Sci-Fi Drama

Since Mercy is set to be released sometime in 2025, most details surrounding its plot are still under the cover. However, its official synopsis reveals its story will unfold in the near future, where a detective gets accused of a violent crime and must race against time to prove his innocence. Although the details surrounding Rebecca Ferguson’s character in the movie have not been disclosed, the film seems similar to Silo in more ways than one. For instance, Rebecca Ferguson’s Juliette also becomes a Sheriff in Silo and faces accusations after she sets out to find the truth about her world.

However, as Mercy’s plot synopsis suggests, Rebecca Ferguson will not portray the central detective. Instead, Chris Pratt will play the main detective character who will have to prove his innocence in his crime-ridden world. The upcoming sci-fi movie’s cast also includes other familiar names, such as Annabelle Wallis, Kali Reis, Kenneth Choi, and Kylie Rogers, among others. Considering how Rebecca Ferguson has previously been a part of a similar detective sci-fi storyline, it is hard not to be curious about her role in Mercy and how she will portray it.


Rebecca Ferguson’s Dune 2 Story Is A Reminder To Watch Her $72 Million Horror Villain Role From 5 Years Ago

Rebecca Ferguson gives a captivating portrayal of Lady Jessica’s dark, complex developments in Dune 2 – reminiscent of her 2019 horror movie role.

Can Mercy Match The Level Of Rebecca Ferguson’s Recent Sci-Fi Movies & Shows?

Mercy Could Be Another Hit Sci-Fi Movie Under Rebecca Fergusson’s Belt

Custom Image by Yailin Chacon.

It may be a little too soon to determine whether Mercy will rank among Rebecca Ferguson’s best sci-fi movies and shows. However, the film’s cast suggests it will certainly feature some incredible performances. Mercy is also being helmed by Timur Bekmambetov, who has previously put his directorial forte on display with 2008’s hit action flick, Wanted. Amazon MGM Studios’ head Jennifer Salke also revealed, “From the moment Chuck Roven brought us Mercy, and we read Marco van Belle’s script, we knew the film was meant for the big screen.” Her confidence in the project speaks volumes about its potential.

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will be released sometime in 2025.

With so much working in Mercy‘s favor, it undoubtedly holds the promise of matching the level of Ferguson’s recent sci-fi shows and movies. Since Dune: Part Two has performed exceedingly well at the box office and also holds high critical ratings, Mercy may not be able to dethrone it as Ferguson’s best sci-fi just yet. However, even if it falls slightly short of beating Dune: Part Two with its critical and box office performance, it will still be impressive enough to continue Rebecca Ferguson‘s exciting sci-fi streak.

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