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Ric Hassani claps back at troll who claims he ‘fell off’

Popular singer, Ikechukwu Eric Ahiauzu better known as Ric Hassani reacts as a troll claims that he ‘fell off’ the music game.

A small back-and-forth exchange ensued between the troll who claimed to be an old fan of the musician.

Ric Hassani. Photo source: Google.

The troll known as @whizzylad_ayo took to Twitter to tell the ‘Thunder Fire You’ singer that he fell off.

Ric Hassani had responded by informing the troll that he doesn’t mind about that.

The troll doubled down, adding that he used to love the music he sang with Johnny Drille, Tjan and thought they would do more, however, he is disappointed his expectation was cut short. He noted again that Ric Hassani had fallen off.

At this point, Ric Hassani asked the troll, whom he referred to as ‘son’, what he does for a living, or whether he is in school.

Read their exchange below:

The troll, @whyizzylad_ayo said: “You fell off bruh”

@RicHassani replied: “I don’t mind bro.”

@whizzylad_ayo said: “I’m actually pained you did cus I like the piece you, johnny drille and tjan dropped that year, thought you guys would do more. You fell off and you fell my hand bruh.”

@RicHassani responded: “What do you do Son? You in school or.. what do you do?”

@whizzylad_ayo said: “I’m sch and I’m kind of into music too bruh but not your type of music, I’m interested in afrobeat. You can put me on too.”

@RicHassani retorted: “I graduated from university when I was 20, had a masters degree at 22, PhD scholarship at 23, still built a career, a record label, and a couple of businesses that my humility wouldn’t let me disclose. Now, “Lavida Boy” after saying I’ve fallen off, Requires the same me to “put him on”. Social media is so much fun!”

See the post below:

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