Singer Simi addresses rumors that she got married as a virgin

Singer Simi, in her recent development, has addressed rumours that she got married to Adekunle Gold as a virgin.

In a video which she shared on her social media platform, she expressed that while she has had to deal with a lot of rumours about her, one particular rumour has caught her attention.

She addressed the rumour of her getting married as a virgin which has continued to make its way online consistently. She revealed that there was no clip or video or audio of her ever saying that, and that people even went as far as stating that she has never been in a relationship before.

She further stated that whether she got married as a virgin or as a banana, that it’s not her style to come out online to talk about her sexual life. She expressed that she has noticed that a lot of netizens use it to insult and troll her on social media. Hence why she felt the need to address it.

Now let us also recall that back in 2020, Simi’s mother, in an intimate podcast, had revealed that she used to boast in church, telling her daughter that her daughter was a virgin and was also going to get married as one.

The stunned Simi had countered her stating, surprised that she used to boast about her virginity. Also back in April of 2024, Simi had revealed that she never wanted to date a musician, and that she had no plans to date fellow singer Adekunle Gold.

She also revealed that when she had met him, she did not know that he was trying to be a singer, because she had made that choice to never date someone in the industry. She revealed that at the time he was working in a company, and people knew him then as the King of Photoshop because he used to make funny edits.

But then they eventually started dating, and then she started getting comfortable with the idea.

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