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Taiwo Cole’s birth mother accused of abandoning children at six months old

More revelations continue to surface in the Cole Family as Taiwo is accused of having a child in the UK and how his birth mother abandoned him and his twin at six months old.

It would be recalled that following Engineer Cole’s clarification on the issue, he emphatically stated that his wife whom he separated from about 27 years ago attended his son’s wedding which he never approved.

According to an insider’s narration shared by an Instagram blog, Gist Merchant, the first wife of the engineer never checked back after abandoning her children until the wedding day.

Emphasizing how hurt the mother who raised the twin must have felt about the news of the traditional wedding attended by Taiwo’s birth mother, the insider painted the groom in a bad light.

The insider further noted that Taiwo has a child in the UK whom he could not raise himself while confirming Engineer Cole’s side of the story.

Taiwo Cole’s mother allegedly abandoned her children

“Hmmm! GM I thought it was a case of elitist behaviour before o but I have gotten the story now from his relatives. His birth mother followed him to go and do this marriage. I say birth mother bcos she wasn’t the one that raised him. She abandoned him and his twin sister when they were just 6months old. His family never said he couldn’t marry her but the date he agreed to was in December.

“The boy is an only son. He met her just in December, his dad welcomed her well o. Next thing he came 2months later that she’s pregnant and he wants to marry. His dad was pissed understandably bcos he has a child in the UK that it’s his family that are responsible for not him.

“Now you wey neva stand well well wan come marry. Anyway everyone told the dad to calm down and they sha cake to an agreement.

“Wofai’s father no do well either. They spoke with him prior and then this happens suddenly. What kind of father will marry his daughter to a man in the absence of his father when no be say ein no get papa.

“The mother that raised him and his twin sef, I can’t imagine how hurt she is.
Nother thing is that it is not classism bcos they even thought she was a senator’s duaghter cos she drives a new range.”

Taiwo Cole's birth mother accused of abandoning children at six months old

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