“The cause of Mohbad’s death could not be ascertained”- Pathologist finally reveals

There is an update on Mohbad’s autopsy results, which has taken several months to emerge.

During the coroner court today, the pathologist revealed that the cause of Mohbad’s death could not be ascertained because the autopsy was conducted after his body had decomposed.

The pathologist went on to state that it would have been good if his body had been taken to the mortuary after he passed away, but rather because he was buried for over a week, the body had already started decomposing, so when the autopsy was carried out, they could not ascertain the real cause of his death.

Concerning the rumour going around that there was fresh blood on his coffin, the pathologist stated that it rained the day to when Mohbad was exhumed, and there was a mixture of the rain and the soil that brought out a red colour that looked like blood.

He also said that Mohbad was not buried alive that he had died before he was buried. The pathologist also stated that Mohbad was not strangled.

He showed the cuts and parts of the neck that were removed and tested to verify that statement. He also showed the liver and the kidney that were cut from Mohbad’s body, which showed that he was also not poisoned.

Now let’s recall that in September 12, 2023, singer Mohbad had been seen in a video, completely unconscious, while lying on his friend’s car.

Reports had eventually emerged that he was dead. Since his death, there has been so many trials and controversies surrounding it, as netizens clamoured to bring his supposed killers to justice.
One of the major suspects in his death was his record label manager, Naira Marley, as well as the record label crew. However, the police have since acquitted them, charging them with no crime for the death.

Also, his wife, Wunmi, has also been another suspect, as well as his close friend, Prime Boy, who was one of the last person seen with him.

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