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The Perfect Six Of Crows Replacement Book Came Out 7 Years Ago


  • For those missing the
    Six of Crows
    crew, Lisa Maxwell’s
    The Last Magician
    series is the perfect follow-up with a thrilling heist plot.
  • The Last Magician
    offers a similar criminal underworld vibe, lovable gangs, and magical heists that will appeal to
    Six of Crows
  • Maxwell’s series has the advantage of four lengthy books, allowing readers to dive into the story for a longer period compared to Bardugo’s duology.

Leigh Bardugo’s Six of Crows duology is a tough act to follow, but fantasy fans will be thrilled to know the perfect replacement book series debuted seven years ago. The first Six of Crows book hit shelves back in 2015, expanding on Bardugo’s world from the Shadow and Bone trilogy. This time, the story focused on a group of characters from the Grishaverse’s criminal underworld, following them as they embarked on a seemingly impossible heist. While Six of Crows proved a bit darker and more mature than Shadow and Bone, it became a massive hit.

Six of Crows’ sequel, Crooked Kingdom, was also well received — but the second book brought the characters’ story to an end, leaving readers with nothing else to look forward to from Kaz Brekker and his gang. While Badugo released more Grishaverse books, they didn’t spotlight the Six of Crows characters or their individual storylines. Nikolai Lantsov certainly makes for a compelling protagonist, but those looking for something more like Six of Crows may find King of Scars lacking. Fortunately, a fantasy book series that debuted in 2017 makes an ideal replacement for Bardugo’s beloved duology.


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The Last Magician Is The Perfect Six Of Crows Replacement Book

Lisa Maxwell Features Similar Characters & Themes

The cover of Lisa Maxwell's Last Magician featuring a blue background, the title, and an animal skeleton

Anyone looking for a book to read after Six of Crows should check out Lisa Maxwell’s 2017 release, The Last Magician, as well as its sequels. While Maxwell’s story evolves into a time-traveling adventure, its first installment reads a lot like Six of Crows. For one, it follows the members of a New York gang as they plan a heist, hoping to retrieve a magical artifact and take down an evil organization called The Order. The Order hunts and kills those possessing magic, and they’ve even created a barrier preventing Maegi from leaving Manhattan.

The book’s lead, Esta, travels back from a time when the Order has essentially eliminated magic. She hopes to prevent the heist from going through, changing the bleak future of her world in the process. Although Esta’s mission to save the future doesn’t have much in common with Bardugo’s fantasy duology, The Last Magician has a fair bit in common with Six of Crows. With so many elements overlapping, it’s an obvious choice for readers looking for a follow-up.

Why The Last Magician Series Will Appeal To Six Of Crows Fans

Both Feature Lovable Gangs, Forbidden Magic, & Impossible Heists

Shadow and Bone canceled Six of Crows spinoff

The Last Magician‘s setting may put a fantasy spin on the real world, but the criminal underbelly of the book’s New York feels a lot like that of Ketterdam. Terf wars unfold between various gangs, certain gang members have magic they need to hide from the authorities, and Dolph Sanders has undeniable similarities to Kaz Brekker. Dolph is the leader of the gang Esta is tasked with stopping, and he’s simultaneously ruthless and loyal when it comes to the people he cares about. Dolph also walks with a cane like Kaz, and he’s almost always a step ahead of the game.

While The Last Magician’s sequels expand Maxwell’s story and world drastically, the first book’s heist plot also feels reminiscent of Six of Crows. Forcing a bunch of outcasts to pull off an impossible theft seems to be a recipe for success when it comes to fantasy. It’s hard to say if readers will enjoy The Last Magician‘s magical heist nearly as much as the one in Six of Crows. However, it’s one of the closest comparisons one can make to Bardugo’s Ice Court storyline.

Lisa Maxwell’s Series Has 1 Advantage Over The Six Of Crows Duology

Readers Can Spend More Time With The Last Magician’s Story

When it comes to their stories, it’s hard to say whether Six of Crows or The Last Magician weaves a stronger narrative. The latter has one advantage over Bardugo’s duology, though: its series consists of four lengthy books, allowing readers to remain in its story longer. The Devil’s Thief, The Serpent’s Curse, and The Shattered City all follow The Last Magician — and each of Maxwell’s sequels is upwards of 700 pages. Those looking for a fantasy series to thoroughly invest themselves in would appreciate The Last Magician even more.

Of course, it’s worth noting that the similarities between Six of Crows and The Last Magician aren’t all present in Maxwell’s sequels. The narrative expands significantly in the later books, becoming more complex than the original novel’s heist plot. There’s also less of a focus on the gang elements of The Last Magician at certain points, causing it to feel less like Six of Crows. It’s still worth picking up, as those who enjoy the first installment will no doubt love the characters to continue past it. And there’s no better way to occupy oneself after wrapping up Bardugo’s Grishaverse story.

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