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The Simpsons Movie 2 Chances Get Hopeful Response From Co-Showrunner 17 Years Later (With 1 Caveat)


  • Co-showrunner Al Jean is hopeful for
    The Simpsons Movie 2
    , despite no formal talks or script development yet.
  • The biggest hurdle for Jean and the team is the current state of the animated genre in theaters, though notes
    Inside Out 2
    ‘s potential success could lead to talks between him and Disney for the sequel.
  • Jean emphasizes the importance of animation returning to theaters fully before considering new movie releases.



After 17 years of leaving audiences waiting for a sequel, co-showrunner Al Jean has a hopeful update on The Simpsons Movie 2. The long-running Fox sitcom first made its way to the big screen in 2007 as the town of Springfield found itself quarantined and set for destruction by the Environmental Protection Agency after Homer pollutes their local lake. Helmed by show vet David Silverman, The Simpsons Movie was a smash hit on release, grossing over $536.4 million worldwide and garnering widespread acclaim from critics, including netting a Golden Globe nomination for Best Animated Feature.

During a recent interview with Screen Rant for the Mother’s Day special short, May the 12th Be With You, Jean was asked for an update on The Simpsons Movie 2. Though he admitted that there have not been any formal talks about the sequel, nor is there a script in any stage of development, he and the creative team behind the show are still hopeful to get it made, with the biggest hurdle being the state of the animated genre in theaters being a troublesome one, with Inside Out 2‘s potential success being a possible springboard for the sequel to get made. See what Jean explained below:

Al Jean: I think it’s a bigger issue than The Simpsons. On several levels, we’re really hoping for Inside Out 2 to do great this summer. I want to see the animation business completely returned to what it was before the pandemic. And then, I think if that was the case, it would make sense to do The Simpsons theatrically. But I understand that it’s an issue above me about, “Where would you release it? And how would you release it?”

And we are, with the shorts and other things, streaming on Disney+, so I love seeing animated movies in theaters. I loved The Boy and the Heron that just won the Oscar, I’ll always go see the Miyazaki movies that come out. So, I really am all for animation being fully theatrical, so I hope that’s where it goes. [We have not] formally [talked] about a movie, no. We’re exploring different venues like this [the short] for presenting The Simpsons, but it’d be premature to say we had a movie script in development.

Will The Long Wait For The Simpsons Movie 2 Help Or Hurt It?

To Jean’s point regarding the animation industry’s state, the genre has indeed been struggling at the box office over the past few years, particularly Disney releases. While competing animation studios, Illumination and DreamWorks, have found some success in the wake of pandemic theatrical shutdowns with the likes of Minions: The Rise of Gru, The Super Mario Bros. Movie and Kung Fu Panda 4, Disney and Pixar have struggled to bounce back in the same way, namely since the former released many of their movies directly to Disney+ during lockdown, leaving some audiences waiting for the eventual streaming premiere versus returning to the theater. Check out how Disney’s post-pandemic releases have fared below:


RT Critical Score

RT Audience Score

Production Budget

Box Office

Raya and the Last Dragon



~ $100 million+

$130.4 million





$51 million

Ron’s Gone Wrong




$60.7 million




$120-150 million

$256.8 million

The Bob’s Burgers Movie



$38 million

$34.2 million




$200 million

$226.4 million

Strange World



$135-180 million

$73.6 million




$200 million

$496.4 million




$175-200 million

$254.9 million

The other major factor 20th Century Studios and Disney will have to factor in to The Simpsons Movie 2‘s release is the long wait the sequel has had to even get made. The original movie’s development was infamously a lengthy one, running from 2001 all the way up to its 2007 release, though talks have swirled for a decade about a proper sequel. Fox’s only other animated movie based on a show released since, The Bob’s Burgers Movie, similarly endured a lengthy development, but in spite of positive reviews, it failed to gain ground against Top Gun: Maverick and Jurassic World: Dominion at the box office.


10 Reasons The Bobs Burgers Movie Was A Box Office Failure (Despite TV Show Success)

Bob’s Burgers remains a hit TV show for Fox, but when it came time to release the Bob’s Burgers movie in 2022, it was a box-office disaster.

Unlike the Matt Groening-created sitcom, however, the Bob’s Burgers franchise has largely been seen as a more niche property than The Simpsons, which many box office analysts have attributed to its box office underperformance alongside its competition. Given anticipation for The Simpsons Movie 2 has been high since Maggie prompted the idea of the sequel in the first movie’s credits sequence, it does seem likely that the potential follow-up could enjoy either the same level of success or close to that of its predecessor’s. Additionally, with Jean and the creative team clearly not wanting to rush the sequel, it seems as though they’ll ensure the wait will be worth it.

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