“The suspects have always been his wife and three friends” – Very Dark Man reacts to Mohbad’s autopsy report

Mohbad’s autopsy report came out a few days ago, with the results being inconclusive because according to the coroner’s report, Mohbad’s body had decomposed before it was taken for autopsy.

Very Dark Man has stepped in with some analysis about the situation, and his anger seems to be directed towards Nigerians, who according to him, are sentimental in nature.

The controversial activist started by saying that nothing else should be done about Mohbad’s case, and that he should just be buried. His reason being that after reading the coroner’s report, he saw that Mohbad’s body was dissected in order to find out the cause of his death, and it made him uncomfortable.

According to Very Dark Man, if Nigeria was an advanced country, the moment Mohbad died, the police wouldn’t picked up his wife Wunmi as a prime suspect, and brought her in for questioning. However, that wasn’t the case when Mohbad died according to Very Dark Man.

He says that Nigerians didn’t allow the police to handle the case properly because the outcry of the citizens didn’t allow them invite Wunmi for questioning, on the basis that she was mourning.

Going forward, Very Dark Man said his suspect has always been the three boys that were in the car on the day that Mohbad died, and his wife Wunmi.

Very Dark Man’s reason for suspecting they was the question as to what happened to Mohbad in the first place, before he was taken to the hospital. He also questioned the validity of who confirmed Mohbad dead upon his arrival at the hospital.

Also, Very Dark Man made mention of a voice note that was recorded by Mohbad, where the late singer said that his wife and family were after his life.

He went on to say that Mohbad’s voice note was the reason why he demanded that Wunmi should take a DNA test for Mohbad’s son to confirm that he was the father. Very Dark Man’s reason was that in the voice note, Mohbad had said that Wunmi slept with his friend, hence his suspicion that Mohbad was killed because he found out his wife was cheating.

Concluding his video, Very Dark Man said that it was the sentiment of Nigerians that didn’t make Mohbad’s case go as planned.

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