“They want to finish me” – Alex Ekubo shares the story of his life as he laments over his 15-years-old brother

Nollywood actor Alex Ekubo has taken to social media to lament over his younger brother excessive demands.

Sharing a screenshot of his chat with his younger brother who was demanding for money for a financial related reasons, he questioned what financial related reason a 15-years-old could have.

The actor noted how less than 4 days ago, he sent him money and now he was demanding for more. Alex voiced out over how his siblings want to finish him as he considers opening a GoFundMe for him.

“Story of my real life.

Swipe to see the message I received yesterday, pls tell me what “financial related reason” does my 15 year old brother have.

Does your younger siblings bill you, or mine is factory error”.

“Proof that I just sent Pappi Aka Mr. Financial Related Reasons money less than 4 market days ago.

Pls, the children my parents left in my care want to finish me.
All this educated beggars disguised as younger siblings, na to open GoFundMe for them, because at this point i’m unable to can.

See them singing “Ballin” in the last slide, ballin with who’s money biko?

Personally I think government should ban younger ones.

Should Government Ban last borns?”.

Alex Ekubo cries out over his younger brother's financial demands

Facing similar situation was Alesh Sanni, who last year, lamented over his kid brother’s over the top demand for his birthday.

Alesh shared a screenshot of his chats with him where he demanded for two birthday parties and listed out the things he wanted, which left the actor speechless. Alesh contemplated putting him for sale as he had given up on him.

In other news, Alex Ekubo made his first red carpet debut with his beautiful mother at the AMVCA 10th edition award ceremony, which took place on May 11th at Eko Hotel and Suite, Lagos.

The light-skinned actor via his Instagram page shared a video of him and his mother as he called her his Good luck charm. Expressing gratitude to her, he appreciated her for being his rock and biggest support and expressed his undying love for her.

Months back, Alex shared a message on the importance of family as he shared photos of his parents. He stated that those whose parents are still alive don’t know what God has done for them, as he opined that family comes first as everything else is secondary. Alex described his family as his life jacket in the stormy sea of life.

In a previous post, he had left many drooling as he shared rare family photos. Captioning the photos, Alex shared a powerful message on the importance of family, stating that it remains the greatest gift known to man and admonished his fans to love theirs.

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