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This Great Ruby Sunday Theory Looks Way More Likely After Doctor Who's New Episode


  • Doctor Who’s Ruby Sunday may have subconscious powers over the TARDIS, guiding them to those in need.
  • Ruby seems to have a hidden power, making it snow in every episode of season 14 so far.
  • A theory suggests Ruby’s influencing the TARDIS, proving she’s powerful and connected to the Doctor’s origins.

Doctor Who‘s Ruby Sunday is a character shrouded in mystery, but thanks to the most recent season 14 episode, a popular Ruby theory just got a lot more plausible. Despite being less than halfway through the season, Doctor Who season 14 has already set up several mysteries that have yet to be paid off. Arguably, the biggest question mark in the new season relates to the origins and identity of the Doctor’s latest companion, Ruby Sunday. However, a new theory might offer some answers.

Millie Gibson joined the cast of Doctor Who as Ruby Sunday beginning with the 2023 Christmas special episode, “The Church on Ruby Road”. Introduced as an orphan whose parentage is unknown even to her, Ruby has proven to be something of a curiosity to the Doctor. As the episodes have gone on, more and more questions have arisen about Ruby and who or what exactly she is. A peculiar pattern seems to follow Ruby Sunday wherever she goes, and it could explain more about her character.


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Doctor Who Season 14, Episode 3 Continues A Curious Ruby Sunday Trend

It’s Happened Too Many Times To Be A Coincidence

Dubbed the best Doctor Who story in years by some, episode 3, entitled “Boom”, revolves around the Doctor and Ruby Sunday landing on a war-torn planet called Kastarion 3. As the Doctor and Ruby try to find a way of saving the Doctor from the landmine he finds himself standing on, they encounter a young girl named Splice. It soon becomes clear that Splice’s father, John Fracis Vater, was a soldier who was killed by a robotic ambulance and now lives on in AI form. Interestingly, it’s not the first time Ruby has been involved with saving a child.

Doctor Who
season 14 continues with “73 Yards”, which is scheduled to be released on Disney+ and BBC iPlayer on May 25, 2024.

In her debut episode, “The Church on Ruby Road”, Ruby assists the Doctor in rescuing Ruby’s foster sibling, a baby named Lulubelle, from being eaten by the Goblin King. Additionally, in the first episode of season 14, “Space Babies”, the Doctor and Ruby find themselves on a space station run by intelligent babies who are being haunted by the Bogeyman. Splice, therefore, is just the latest in a line of children that Ruby has come to the aid of. Curiously, the children that Ruby’s encountered also all happen to be orphans, just like her.

Is Ruby Deciding Where The TARDIS Lands In Doctor Who Season 14?

She May Have Some Sort Of Subconscious Power Over The Doctor’s Spacecraft

Ruby (Millie Gibson) leaning on the control panel of the TARDIS in Doctor Who season 14 episode 1

Of course, Ruby’s habit of saving children could simply be dismissed as a coincidence. After all, it wouldn’t be the first time that Doctor Who has repeated storylines. However, given that there have been so many instances of it happening in such a short run of episodes, it means that there’s likely something bigger going on. Especially, when one considers how Ruby seems to be influencing the TARDIS in some way.

It would appear that Ruby has some sort of sixth sense that allows her to feel when an orphan is in need of help.

In “Space Babies”, the Doctor asks Ruby to choose a random five-digit number to determine the year of their next destination. Ruby, who appears to pluck the digits out of thin air, goes with 21506 and the TARDIS takes the pair to the space babies. It certainly seems like the numbers Ruby chose were completely random, but it could be that she, consciously or not, knew that the space babies were in danger.

In “Boom”, the episode opens with the TARDIS having already landed on Kastarion 3, meaning it’s not clear if Ruby determined the destination. Nevertheless, even if she didn’t explicitly choose the date, like in episode 1, it’s possible that she still guided herself and the Doctor to Splice. If that’s the case, it would appear that Ruby has some sort of sixth sense that allows her to feel when an orphan is in need of help. It might also explain when she was first drawn to the Doctor, who, thanks to the Timeless Child retcon, is also an orphan himself.


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Ruby Sunday Influencing The TARDIS Would Confirm She’s Incredibly Powerful

There’s More To Ruby Than Meets The Eye

Needless to say if Ruby has the ability to influence the TARDIS, she must be extremely powerful, and if there’s one thing that’s been teased more than Ruby’s orphan connection, it’s her hidden power. In every episode of season 14 so far, Ruby has been shown to be able to make it snow. It happened on the space station in “Space Babies”, at Abbey Road Studios in “The Devil’s Chord”, and on Kastarion 3 in “Boom”. Given that it was snowing the night Ruby was abandoned, it seems to be some kind of manifestation of a hidden memory.

Furthermore, in episode 2, the villainous Maestro hinted that Ruby possessed some form of inner power and that she wasn’t totally human, something that was also the case when the Doctor ran a scan of Ruby at the end of episode 1. Who or what exactly Ruby is won’t likely be revealed until Doctor Who‘s season 14 finale at the earliest, but it’s clear that she’s a being of immense power. After all, anyone who can subconsciously pilot the TARDIS can’t just be a regular human.

Doctor Who Season 14 Poster

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