Tinubu rescuing Nigeria from multifaceted challenges, say 103 APC ex-senators

The 103 APC Non-Serving Senators Council has commended President Bola Ahmed Tinubu for initiating policies and programmes that put the country on the path of sustainable growth and progress.

A statement issued by the convener and interim chairman of 103 APC Non-Serving Senators Council, Sen. Basheer Lado, said Nigerians have witnessed positive transformation under the leadership of the president in the past one year.

The statement reads: “On behalf of the 103 APC Non Serving Senators Council, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to you on the momentous occasion of your one-year anniversary in office. As dedicated stewards of our party and nation, we are profoundly grateful to God for guiding you to this pinnacle of your political career, entrusting you with the leadership of our great nation.

“Your courageous measures and decisive actions have been nothing short of transformative and the introduction of policies to attract foreign investments is testament to your bold vision and unwavering commitment to Nigeria’s progress.

“The strides you have made in infrastructure development are exemplary. The construction of the Lagos- Ibadan Expressway and the completion of the Second Niger Bridge are monumental achievements. Furthermore, your focus on “stomach infrastructure,” through initiatives aimed at enhancing food security and social welfare programs, underscores your dedication to improving the lives of all Nigerians.

“You have silenced your critics and proven them wrong by ensuring an administration that is inclusive and fair to all religious groups. Your active engagements with both Christian and Muslim communities have dispelled fears of religious bias, showcasing your commitment to unity and equality.

“Your impartial leadership has shone brightly, demonstrating fairness and justice at every turn. Your willingness to acknowledge and correct mistakes, such as revising initial tax policies to better suit small businesses, reflects your profound integrity and accountability.”

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