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Tracker: Mary's Relationship With Her Daughter Dory Explained By Star Melissa Roxburgh

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Tracker season 1, episode 11!




  • Tracker
    ‘s Melissa Roxburgh says Dory doesn’t trust her mother Mary due to suspicion about her honesty regarding their father’s murder.
  • Mary appears to know more about Ashton’s death than she’s letting on. Her actions sow distrust within her children.
  • The season finale of
    may reveal Mary’s secrets, setting the stage for a larger mystery in season 2.

Tracker star Melissa Roxburgh has opened up about the relationship between Dory and her mother, Mary, revealing why there’s tension between the pair. Roxburgh plays the aforementioned Dory, Colter’s sister who he goes to for help as part of his personal investigation into the murder of their father, Ashton, 20 years ago. The episode also revealed a level of distrust between Dory and the duo’s mother, something that differs from the show’s hero’s trust in what she tells him.

Speaking with TVLine, Roxburgh explained the relationship between Dory and Mary, revealing why the two characters in Tracker don’t have a close relationship. The actor said she doesn’t think the pair are on speaking terms with each other, partially having to do with her not trusting her honesty about what happened to Ashton. Check out what Roxburgh had to say below:

I would guess not. Dory is pretty smart, and I think that she clocks a lot of what her mother is doing. She knows that there is way more to the story [about Dad] than Mom has let on, for whatever reason. For Dory, trying to have a healthy life at this point means maybe not being close to Mom.

What Does Mary Know About Ashton’s Murder In Tracker?

Throughout the series, it has seemed like Mary knows more about what happened during the night Ashton was killed than she is letting show. She is a central force behind keeping Colter from contacting his brother, Russell, who he suspects may have had something to do with their father’s death. It’s also unclear where she was at the moment her husband died. The suspicious circumstances – such as his death being ruled accidental – make it unclear as to what was really going on. It’s also unknown why she doesn’t want Russell near the series’ hero, either.


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It’s clear from the distant relationship Dory has with Mary that she doesn’t trust her mother anymore, especially curious about the secrets she may be holding about the night their father died. While it’s unclear if she was involved or not, it does seem like Tracker is setting the stage for her story to be turned on its head by the end of the season. This is made especially clear with the upcoming introduction of Russell, played by Jensen Ackles, whose presence may finally reveal what really happened to Ashton.

With plenty of mystery still left for the show to address, it would make sense for season 1 to end with a family confrontation, finally revealing what Mary truly knows about that dreadful night. It may even lead into Tracker season 2, opening the door on a wider mystery that Ashton’s death is only one part of. With Dory’s distrust possibly opening the door on a larger truth yet to be shared, it remains to be seen how the rest of season 1 will address the mystery – and how much of the truth is going to be revealed.

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