US-Based Investor Warns Nigerians In Diaspora About Buying Landed Property Back Home

A Nigerian investor based in the United States, Henry Okeugo, has urged his fellow Nigerians abroad (Diasporans) to be cautious when investing in land back home.

Okeugo fell victim to a land scam after he purchased plots of land in Rivers State.

“Sometime in 2013, I bought two plots of land from Mr Sylvernus Ijenwa situated at ALI-OKEMENI NKPOR RUMUOLUMENI, in OBIO/ AKPOR LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA, RIVER STATE which agreement was executed by parties, witnessed by his son Mr Kingsley ijenwa and Mr Sylvernus Ijenwa’s wife.

“After some years, Mr. Sylvernus Ijenwa trespassed into the said land, broke down part of the fence and resold part of the land to somebody else without my consent and authorization.

“Presently, some of the building materials I bought and kept in the said land had been stolen,” he lamented.

Okeugo further claimed that unaware of the first incident, he later exchanged four cars for two additional plots of land from Ijenwa. However, Ijenwa allegedly refused to finalize the agreement for this second land purchase.

“In addition, I bought another land from the same Mr  Sylvernus  Ijenwa closer to the same land at the agreed price of four million Naira, which he collected for four cars for the payment of the said land.

“The details of the said cars are; (1) Mazda Tribute SUV (2) Two Toyota Camry salons and (3) Nissan Mercury villager, all were sound direct, fairly used cars in good condition. The size of the land he sold to me was two plots of land – at N4 million in which the cars covered the money. Mr Sylvernus  Ijenwa has refused for 2 years to execute the agreement for the sale of the said land till today,” he further alleged.

Okeugo has reportedly filed a complaint with the Assistant Inspector General of Police, Zone 16 Headquarters in Bayelsa State. The accused, Ijenwa, and his son have been arrested for questioning.

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