We’re finished if Artificial Intelligence controls humanity – says Cleric

The Catholic Bishop of Awka Diocese, Most Rev. Paulinus Ezeokafor, says humanity is doomed if Artificial Intelligence (AI) is allowed to control human beings.

Ezeokafor said this on Sunday at the Retreat and Conference Centre, Awka, to mark 58th World Communications Week with the theme – “Artificial intelligence and wisdom of the heart: for a fully human communication”.

The World Communications Week, marked from May 5 to May 12, is a vehicle for commenting on the growing urgency in the mass media for responsibility, transparency and the promotion of healthy values.

The Catholic Bishop said that artificial intelligence systems should be under the control of man as they were man-made systems which only gave out what had been fed into it by humans.

“Artificial Intelligence systems are very good in themselves, they can help us do a lot but if we do not take care, they will take over humanity.

“Artificial Intelligence should be made to service humanity and not control or replace humanity or make human beings redundant because if they take over, we are finished, ” he said.

According to him men and women should use the modern and advanced technologies in such a manner that they were not made objects of what they have created.

Ezeokafor lamented that many youths abuse technology by getting involved in cyber crimes, internet fraud and online scam.

“It is sad that many of our youths are using technology to perpetrate evil in the society.

“They get involved in ‘Yahoo-Yahoo’ or internet fraud.

“This is why parents must prioritise the upbringing and spiritual development of their children so they can have a connection with God and have their animalistic tendencies tamed,” he said.

On Fathers Day celebration, he urged fathers to be committed to their responsibilities and lead by example, to have a peaceful family and raise children who would take care of them at old age.

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