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What Was The Final Correction That Akira Toriyama Made To Dragon Ball Manga? Toyotaro Reveals

Dragon Ball Super illustrator Toyotaro revealed the final correction that the manga creator Akira Toriyama asked him to make before he passed away.

The world of manga and anime has been shrouded in a cloak of sadness since Dragon Ball Z creator and the father of modern shonen, Akira Toriyama, passed away on March 1. The mangaka was working on Dragon Ball Super with illustrator Toyotaro at the time of his passing and chapter 103 of the manga was the final one he worked on.

The last panel of the chapter, which featured Piccolo waving goodbye to Pan’s teacher, caused a wave within fans who thought it was Toyotaro’s way of bidding adieu to Toriyama. However, the illustrator revealed otherwise.

Toyotaro confirmed Toriyama’s instruction for the last panel

The manga artist Toyotaro posted a thread on X (formerly Twitter) on March 28, where he talked about how he was uncertain when the next volume of the manga compiling chapters 101 through 103 will come out. Right after that, he put a disclaimer telling people who have not read chapter 103 to not read further to avoid spoilers as he had something to talk about from that particular chapter.

Toyotaro had previously said that after receiving the story from Toriyama, he would make a rough draft, which will be sent to the author who will ask Toyotaro to make the final corrections before finalizing it. In the thread, he talked about how he sent the final panel of the 103rd chapter to Toriyama which featured all the characters facing away from the teacher before taking a flight. But apparently, it was Toriyama who asked him to make a final edit where Piccolo waves goodbye to Pan’s kindergarten teacher before joining the others in the sky.

Toyotaro posted both of the versions side-by-side so that the fans could see the draft version that he sent to Toriyama and the changes the mangaka asked him to make afterward.

Toriyama’s final correction to Dragon Ball Super touched everyone’s heart
User @/SupaChronicles on X translated Toyotaro’s tweets which were heartfelt and sweet. Due to the final correction that Toriyama made to the panel, Toyotaro said he could not help but think that there was a deeper meaning behind it. It was also revealed that Toyotaro was made aware of Toriyama’s passing after he submitted the final chapter to V Jump.

According to SupaChronicles’ translation, Toyotaro also added, “So it was not with that intention that I drew Piccolo. But I can’t help but add another meaning to it. Toriyama-sensei, thank you very much for your hard work. To think that I was able to work with you for 9 years is like a miracle. Thank you very much. I pray for the repose of your soul.”

Akira Toriyama passed away on March 1 due to acute subdural hematoma and his death was announced to the public on March 8. Since then, millions of people have been mourning the passing of the legend whose creation was a huge part of their childhood. His final correction does bring a sense of closure to it all as it feels like this was Toriyama’s final goodbye to both Dragon Ball and his fans whom he loved so dearly. Follow:

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