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Who Was Miles' Real Father In A Simple Favor?


  • The book reveals that Chris is Miles’ biological father, but the movie leaves this as a mystery.
  • A Simple Favor intentionally keeps Miles’ father unknown to make Stephanie more unreliable.
  • Stephanie and Emily both hide dark secrets, making it unclear who to trust in the thriller.

A Simple Favor is full of twists and turns, but it left some big questions, including who was the real father of Stephanie’s (Anna Kendrick) son, Miles. In 2018, Paul Feig left comedy behind for a while and brought the crime movie A Simple Favor, based on the 2017 novel of the same name by Darcey Bell and starring Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick. A Simple Favor was a critical and commercial success, with critics praising the performances of the main cast, the movie’s tone, and its different plot twists.

A Simple Favor follows widowed single mother Stephanie who befriends the elegant and mysterious Emily (Lively), the mother of her son’s schoolmate. Stephanie and Emily bond quickly, and one day, Emily asks Stephanie to pick up her son from school and babysit him, but it was all part of an elaborate plan to disappear. Stephanie makes some shocking discoveries about Emily’s past, but dark secrets about her also come to light, leaving a huge question by the end of A Simple Favor about who was the father of her son, Miles.


A Simple Favor Cast Guide

A Simple Favor is a black comedy crime thriller starring a recognizable cast. Here are the shows and television series you may know the actors from.

A Simple Favor Book Solves The Mystery Of Who Miles’ Father Is

Emily Learned The Truth About Miles’ Father In The Book

A Simple Favor Chris talking to Miles while Stephanie holds him

At first, Stephanie and Emily seem like complete opposites: Stephanie is devoted to being a mother, is quiet and shy, while Emily is fully focused on her work and doesn’t spend much time with her son, but that’s, in large part, because she’s the one with the strongest income in her family, thus carrying their financial responsibility. However, they weren’t so different after all, as both carried shocking secrets: Emily had a twin, with whom she killed her father, and Stephanie had an incestuous relationship with her half-brother, Chris, whom she met at their father’s funeral.

Chris and Stephanie’s husband, Davis, died in a car crash, and Stephanie and Davis argued shortly before he and Chris left for a ride over who is Miles’ real father.

Emily accurately deduces that Stephanie’s relationship with Chris went beyond kissing after the funeral and continued for a long time. Stephanie tells Emily that Chris and her husband, Davis, died in a car crash, and it’s later revealed that Stephanie and Davis argued shortly before he and Chris left for a ride over who is Miles’ real father. Davis noticed Stephanie and Chris didn’t have a normal sibling relationship, but Stephanie denied everything. Emily later confronts Stephanie about it, and she never reveals who Miles’s real father is, but the book does.

There are some key differences between the book of A Simple Favor and the movie, among them the reveal of who Miles’ biological father was. In the book, Emily records Stephanie’s confession that Miles is Chris’ biological son and later uses it to blackmail her. In the movie, Stephanie’s flashbacks and reactions to the question are left to the audience’s interpretation.

Why A Simple Favor Left Miles’ Real Father A Mystery

The Identity Of Miles’ Father Had To Be Unknown

A Simple Favor Stephanie on the phone in her kitchen looking concerned

By leaving the mystery of who Miles’ father really was unsolved,
A Simple Favor
made Stephanie even more unreliable.

A Simple Favor leads the audience into believing Stephanie is the one to root for and Emily is the one to look out for, and while Emily is confirmed to be dangerous, Stephanie isn’t so innocent, either. Stephanie can’t be fully trusted, either, as seen by how quickly she got involved with Sean after Emily’s supposed death.

By leaving the mystery of who Miles’ father really was unsolved, A Simple Favor made Stephanie even more unreliable, and she might have been keeping more secrets. While the identity of Miles’ biological father doesn’t change A Simple Favor, it does help the audience not fully trust Stephanie as the story keeps developing and more secrets are revealed.

A Simple Favor movie poster

A Simple Favor

Based on the novel by Darcey Bell, A Simple Favor stars Anna Kendrick as Stephanie, a widowed mother and vlogger who becomes friends with the wealthy mother of one of her son’s classmates, a woman named Emily. When Emily suddenly and inexplicably disappears, Stephaine begins to search for her and in doing so uncovers a series of dark secrets about Emily’s past. Blake Lively and Henry Golding also star. 

Paul Feig

Release Date
August 29, 2018

Eric Johnson , Linda Cardellini , Joshua Satine , Jean Smart , Henry Golding , Anna Kendrick , Blake Lively


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