Why Peter Obi Ate With Northerners During Ramadan – Yunusa Tanko

The 2023 Spokesperson of Labour Party presidential campaign council, Yunusa Tanko has shared his thoughts on the reason his principal, Peter Obi ate with Northerners during the Ramadan celebration.

Recall that Obi joined Muslims at the Central Mosque in Maraba-Nyanya in Abuja to participate in breaking the Ramadan fast.

Speaking on the incident during an interview on Arise TV, Tanko asserted that Obi is aware that he needs the north in the upcoming election and needs to make necessary alliance.

He explained that Obi is getting closer to the people so they would know who he is and he also would learn more about them.

He said, “You say we want to move away from politics of spaghetti and all of that but some critics will say that Peter Obi during Ramadan and even now was eating with Almajiris; and some of the boreholes we saw during the last election Obi had stronghold in the South and now he needs to make in-road in the North, so how much of this is politics and how much is governance because it’s easy to reduce this to governance but at the end of the day, Peter Obi knows he needs the North and he has to make the necessary alliances there, so how much of this is about governance?

“Getting closer to the people is not about politics. What I mean by getting closer to the people, is getting to know them and they also know him. It’s a different ball game entirely. When there was need for him to support them, he did support them. It’s the reason for the borehole, going to the Almajiri schools and all of that. Let me say this, just imagine, had it been that His Excellency didn’t do this or didn’t move from point A to point B, what will the people say? Now he is doing it and people are still talking. 

“He is doing it practically and even supporting practically. Is it when there is election that you expect him to go round? This is the best time to do it independently that even before the election, you will tell them, this is who I am. This is somebody who has been doing this humanitarian support even in Haiti, outside of this country. He has been doing it, it’s not his first time. People didn’t know that, he only brought it out to the public domain.”

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