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Why Stephen King Is Right About This New Horror Movie With 96% On Rotten Tomatoes


  • Stephen King praises French horror film Infested for its scary and gross elements, showcasing spiders as big as puppies.
  • Despite a 96% Rotten Tomatoes score, Infested receives mixed audience reviews due to its treatment of spiders compared to other films.
  • Infested explores social issues in France’s colonial history, adding depth to its character beats and performances.



Stephen King is right on the money with his review of a new horror movie that boasts an impressive Rotten Tomatoes score of 96%. For obvious reasons, Stephen King is best known for his widely acclaimed and oft-adapted horror novels. However, apart from his books, he has also garnered immense attention for his interesting take on new movies and shows, especially the ones belonging to the horror genre.

Since he is considered the King of Horror, it is hard not to agree with most of his insights on horror movies and shows. Even when it comes to his review of a new horror movie, Stephen King’s opinion holds immense value because the film delivers some genuine chills and thrills. And if Stephen King’s endorsement is not enough to convince a viewer to watch it, perhaps its 96% Rotten Tomatoes score will.


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Stephen King Is Right: Infested Is A Scary, Good Horror Movie (& You Should Watch It)

Infested Effectively Harps On One Universal Fear

Stephen King has shared his review of another horror movie, Infested, and he has nothing but praise for it. The King of Horror took to Twitter to reveal that he found the French horror film “scary, gross” and “well-made. In his review, he also added that the film features “spiders as big as puppies” that “overrun a French apartment building.” The fact that Stephen King is commending a horror movie about arachnophobia speaks volumes about its quality because the author’s work is known for creating some of the most terrifying visuals of spider-like creatures.

From Pennywise in IT to The Goddess in Revival, many supernatural beings in King’s tales are twitchy and multi-legged, with each of their jointed appendages moving with bone-chilling precision. Despite exploring some of the most eerily memorable takes on the phobia of spiders, Stephen King found Infestedscary” and “gross.” His review serves as a testament to the effectiveness of Infested‘s terrors and arachnophobia-inducing jump-scares. Unsurprisingly, Stephen King is not the only one lauding the French horror movie.

Why Infested Has 96% On Rotten Tomatoes (But Only 72% With Audience)

The Disparity In Reviews Has Lot To Do With Infested’s Visuals

An unknown person is overcome by the poisonous spiders of the movie Infested

Even when it comes to its critical ratings, Infested has an almost perfect Rotten Tomatoes score of 96%. Most critics have praised the film because its character beats are well-written, and even its cast members give memorable performances. One reviewer (C.H. Newell via Father Son Holy Gore) even appreciated how, instead of being a typical creature feature, the film even includes hard-hitting themes surrounding the “social problems in France stemming from the country’s violent colonial history.

is available for streaming on Shudder with English subtitles.

Strangely, however, the film received a relatively lukewarm response from viewers. As some negative audience reviews suggest, many were unimpressed with the movie’s depiction of spiders because other films like The Mist and Arachnophobia have featured even nastier arachnid encounters. Many audience reviews for Infested are also not in tandem with Stephen King‘s take on the film. They say that, even though the film makes one squirm in their seat, it treats spiders as an afterthought and unfolds more like a thriller than a true horror movie.

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