xQc Sues Ex-Partner Adept for Leaking Private Phone Call During Live Broadcast

Streaming sensation xQc has taken legal action against his former partner, Adept, after she broadcasted a private phone call between the two during a Twitch stream on May 22, 2024. The call, which quickly went viral, featured Adept angrily confronting xQc for gifting Twitch subscriptions to another female streamer, Aikobliss, following an interaction in a GTA V RP game.

The leaked call spread rapidly across social media, sparking widespread speculation about xQc’s next move. Just a day later, xQc broke his silence during his ongoing Elden Ring marathon stream, revealing that he had served Adept with three additional lawsuits, marking a new chapter in their tumultuous legal saga.

“In the middle of the stream a couple hours ago, I got a text saying that the lawsuit was served and received,” xQc informed his viewers. He mentioned that he did not anticipate needing to appear in court and confirmed that this was only the first of three lawsuits he planned to file against Adept.

In addition to his legal action, xQc addressed Adept directly through a Twitch chat message, emphasizing that the phone call she leaked had been recorded five months prior. “Also, I know you’re reading this,” he wrote, seemingly directing his comments at Adept. “Good luck with the upcoming bills.”

As of now, Adept has not publicly responded to xQc’s latest legal maneuvers. However, this incident is merely the latest in a series of legal disputes between the former couple. Their contentious history includes a prolonged legal battle that spanned over a year, featuring a notable $300,000 dispute over xQc’s luxury McLaren sports car, which Adept allegedly took following their breakup.

Earlier this year, xQc announced that he had emerged victorious in all previous lawsuits against Adept and declared their legal confrontations over. Yet, Adept’s decision to leak their private conversation has reignited their courtroom conflicts.

The legality of the recorded call hinges on the jurisdiction in which it was made. California, a two-party consent state, requires all parties in a conversation to consent to being recorded. Conversely, Texas, a one-party consent state, permits recordings as long as one party agrees. With xQc frequently relocating across the United States, it remains unclear which state’s laws apply in this instance.

Despite the geographical ambiguity, xQc’s displeasure with Adept’s actions is evident. His swift legal response underscores the ongoing tension between the two and sets the stage for yet another chapter in their ongoing public and legal feud.

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