YNCSD condemns plan to marry off over 100 girls in Niger state

The Youth Network for Community and Sustainable Development (YNCSD) has condemned plan by the Speaker of the Niger State House of Assembly, Rt Hon. Abdulmalik Sarkindaji, to arrange marriages for 100 orphan girls in the state.

YNCSD said characterizing this initiative as a “Constituency empowerment project” is a gross misrepresentation.

YNCSD in a press statement issued by Communications and Advocacy Officer , Joan Obeta on Thursday, said it constitutes an unethical intervention that disregards the fundamental rights and well-being of these young females.

She urged the Niger State House of Assembly to immediately abandon this exploitative proposal and instead focus on initiatives that empower these young women through access to education, vocational training, and psychosocial support.

She said arranged marriages of this nature often lead to increased rates of gender-based violence and deprive girls of their right to education.

“Furthermore, from a socio-economic perspective, this plan offers no sustainable solution and demonstrates a short-sighted approach.

“Every girl deserves the opportunity to reach her full potential, and child marriage steals that chance,” she said.

She further explained that YNCSD is currently championing a Campaign to Combat Child Early and Forced Marriage(CEFM Project).

Accroding to her ,the project will address the root causes and consequences of Child, Early, and Forced Marriage (CEFM) through a multi-faceted approach that includes community engagement, education, economic empowerment, advocacy, and social norm change.

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